Fathia Balogun rebrands as she changes name

Fathia Balogun now Fathia Williams
Fathia Balogun now Fathia Williams
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The fans and followers of a popular actress, Fathia Balogun woke up and discover recently that she has deleted all her pictures on Instagram and removed the surname she was popularly known with (Balogun).
No reason was given for this new development but many assumed her action might not be unconnected with the insistence of Saidi Balogun’s that she should stop bearing his name.

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Fathia directed the reporter who visited her to her Manager, “Speak with my manager, he will tell you all you need to know.”
In an interview, her manager, Tega, said, “She is rebranding and that is why she removed Balogun from her name and left it as Fathia Williams. That’s why she also deleted all her pictures on Instagram. By next week, she would release new pictures.
This has nothing to do with her ex-husband, Saidi Balogun. Fathia actually won the case in court concerning the use of name. Changing her name is a personal decision.”

Fathia and Saidi Balogun
Fathia and Saidi Balogun

On what her ‘rebranding’ entails, Tega said, “She has been featuring in English movies for a while; so, it is not a new thing for her. She would still be acting in Yoruba movies but she would appear in English movies more. Very soon, she will also be holding an audition for her forthcoming English movie. Rebranding is just her way of coming out anew. Brands and companies rebrand all the time; so, it is nothing unusual.”
Fathia Balogun is now known as Fathia Williams. The marriage her and Saidi Balogun broke out as a result of irreconcilable differences few years ago.

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