First Lady, OLUREMI Tinubu, governors’ wives move to address ‘japa’ syndrome

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The First Lady, Mrs Oluremi Tinubu, has called on the diasporas to contribute their quota to the “Renewed Hope Agenda” of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.





She also called on Nigerian youths to have hope in the efforts of the current administration to deliver the dividends of democracy and provide for their basic needs.





Mrs Tinubu made the call on Monday at the New York 2023 Nigeria Economic Growth and Trade Summit with the theme“ Stemming Migration Flows by Providing Basic Needs’’ at Nigeria House in New York.





The UN correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria reports the summit was organised by the Nigeria Governors’ Wives Forum on the sidelines of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.




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According to the UN, in 2022, 26,400 Nigerian citizens requested asylum abroad while 27,000 Nigerian citizens were recongnised as refugees and granted protection in 2022.





The First Lady said while migration could offer new opportunities and experiences, it also presented risks and challenges that could manifest in brain drain.





“The brain drain phenomenon where highly skilled individuals leave their home country for supposedly better prospects abroad, is a concern for many African nations, depriving them of their expertise and talents needed for sustainable growth.

“In our various communities, we must work towards creating conditions and providing basic needs that allow people to thrive by providing access to qualitative education, an enabling environment for job creation.

“And the development of local industries that will create viable economic opportunities. We must revamp our healthcare sector to ensure basic healthcare services are accessible to all.

“Improve health care conditions and stronger social support system that discourage migration driven by health concerns.

“Also, combating food security by investing in sustainable agricultural programs, especially in rural areas, can reduce the pressure of rural-urban migration.

“I can’t over-emphasise the need for conflict resolution and promotion of peace and stability in regions prone to violence,’’ she said.




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Tinubu, however, commended the first ladies for their initiatives, noting that complementing the efforts of their husbands would enhance economic empowerment in their respective states.




She said by fostering collaboration and unity amongst themselves, they had been able to achieve a lot more by learning from one another.




“The Renewed Hope Initiative is an initiative that we just started, aimed at creating a better life for families.

“Our scope covers agriculture, education, economic empowerment, health and social investment, focusing on women and the youth, who are the bedrock of the society.

“As youths account for 70 per cent of our population and women represent 49.6 per cent of the population.

“I believe that schemes which focus on empowering this demographic, coupled with an enabling environment, will gradually begin to reverse the negative trend of migration.’’




She told the wives of the governors that as first ladies, their roles as leaders, were critical to driving sustainable change within their communities.





The First Lady urged Nigerians to foster a positive narrative, celebrate their cultural heritage, and national achievements and promote a sense of pride in Nigeria.






She charged Nigerian youths to learn the virtues of patience and resilience as everyone continued to work as a collective to help build a greater and better Nigeria.


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