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This is how to know a wicked person, they do not have pity on those who have experienced personal tragedies. Out of the abundance of the hearts, the mouth speaks.





Recently, we lost a gentleman and a man of God, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, of Fountain of Life Church, Nigeria, who experienced numerous tragedies in his lifetime. Many people posted his pictures and said nice things about him.





His first wife Pastor Bimbo Odukoya died in a plane crash in 2005. His second wife Nomthi Odukoya died of cancer in 2021 and he also died through what I believe was the result of those pains. He has just been buried.






Yesterday, it was announced that his son Jimi Odukoya, will become the General Overseer of the Fountain of Life Church worldwide and some people started writing something negative about the boy and the ministry. They were saying the church has become a family business because the son took over from his father. Wicked people! Let me ask you wicked people, who better to take over the ministry than his son?

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Which of you reading this prayed for the tragedy that befell the Odukoyas to befall you? Which of you reading this will want to build an institution and will not want your qualified son or daughter to take over?






If you raise your children well, they will be a good candidates for successorship either in your private business or in the ministry. Let me ask you, are you raising your children well? Do they know anything about your business or your ministry? Even the politicians are grooming their children to take over from them.





You stay on social media and talk rubbish rather than raising your children to take over. Which of you knew when God called Pastor Taiwo Odukoya? Lazy commentators. What you do is what your children will do. Look at me as a lawyer. My three children are also lawyers like me and I did not force them to study law.

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The Odukoya children lost their mother very early in life and their anointed father became their mother also. They grew up learning his ways. Not only was Pastor Taiwo Odukoya great in life but he was great after his death because he raised his son so well that he was able to take over the ministry.




He was a pastor before his father died. He is also an actor and his father did not help him to do the acting. He did it himself and is not a failure. He has a track record.






Pentecostal churches are founded by individuals and the best way to continue is for the children who were raised well to take over or be one of the movers or shakers in the ministry for it to continue. You cannot separate the children from their father’s vision, you wicked people.






Let me go into the Bible as I round up. God cannot die yet he handed over the kingdom to his son Jesus Christ. He gave him the name that is above any other name. He made him sit at his right hand forever. Look also at Prophet David, Solomon took over from him. Look at Prophet Abraham, Isaac took over from him.

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Pentecostal churches are founded by individuals who said God called them and made a success of it. You were not there and who are you to determine who takes over? It is not the Anglican or the Catholic Church.




For anyone to condemn Jimmy Odukoya or the Trustees for letting him take over is sheer wickedness and you need to repent. There is a wicked person near to you. They will say the same thing about your children even if they are more than qualified to lead.





Jimmy @iamthatpj, I do not know you and I only met your father once in his lifetime but I wish you well. You have been raised for the rising and falling of many. Those who love and support you will rise. Those who oppose you will fall.






Rise into greatness and do better than your late father and mother put together. I love you and your siblings. The Lord will protect you and there shall be no more tragedies in your family. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you, all the days of your life. Go higher!

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