Former US President, Barack Obama set to unveil his portrait at White House after Donald Trump Denied him the right

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Barack Obama, a former US president, and Michelle Obama, a former first lady, will finally have their official portraits shown at the White House next week after being refused the honor by Donald Trump.

Presidents typically have the opportunity to honor their predecessors during the ceremony on September 7, which was announced by the administration on Wednesday Aug 31 2022 

However, Trump, who took office after Obama’s eight years in office and constantly criticizes him, chose not to continue the tradition.

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The couple will instead be hosted by President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden, who formerly served as Obama’s vice president.

… But Trump, who led the United States for a single term after Obama’s eight years in office and frequently attacks his predecessor, declined to continue with the custom.

Instead, President Joe Biden — who served as Obama’s vice president — and his wife Jill Biden will host the couple.

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The 44th president’s latest visit since he vacated the Oval Office in 2017 comes five months after he made a high-profile homecoming for a public event on health care spending.

Trump, a world-renowned aficionado of the decade-spanning contretemps, demonstrated repeatedly during his tenure that he was untroubled by the mandates of tradition and protocol.

The norm-shredding Republican reportedly removed portraits of presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush from the White House’s Grand Foyer, considered the most prominent position in the executive mansion.

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They were not restored until Biden took office last year.

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