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Gunmen set 100 Islamiyya students free after 90 days in captivity (READ ALL DEVELOPING STORIES IN DETAILS)

Devil incarnate gunmen have released 100 Islamiyya students on Thursday night, August 26, 2021 after three months in their bondage.

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SOJ WORLDWIDE reported few days ago that the parents of the pupils have given up on them after refusal of the gunmen to release them after paying the ransom demanded.

We also reported that six of the students died from various forms of sickness in the forest.

Channel News reported that the Head Teacher, Abubakar Alhassan did not say if any ransom was paid and how the pupils were released.

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The gunmen had abducted the schoolchildren from their school in Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State on May 30th.

They demanded a ransom of ₦110 million and threatened to kill the victims but eleven of the students were released later, according to the Niger State Government.

The State Government had earlier ruled out the payment of ransom.

The governor of the North-Central state, Sani Bello had earlier ruled out paying ransom to the abductors.

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“Even though we have ruled out payment of ransom, it is time for the government to take decisive measures towards ending the bandits’ activities that are forcefully changing the lives of the people, especially in the rural areas,” he said during a meeting with the parents of the abductees.

Kidnapping of schoolchildren has increased in most parts of northern Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari had in the wake of the attack urged security agencies to go after the kidnappers and ensure the schoolchildren were released.

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“President Muhammadu Buhari has charged the nation’s security and intelligence agencies to expedite efforts towards the recovery of the 200 children kidnapped from an Islamic school in Niger State,” presidential media aide, Femi Adesina, said in a statement issued after Buhari received a briefing about the incident.

The North-West and central parts of the country have seen a surge in attacks, looting and mass abductions by bandits.

Bandits this year began targeting schoolchildren and students, demanding more ransom.

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Gunmen who kidnapped more than 100 students from a Baptist high school in Kaduna State released 15 more of those hostages.

Around 1,000 students have been kidnapped since December after gunmen started to hit schools. Most have been released after negotiations, but scores are still being held in forest camps.

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See the highlights of wedding ceremony of Yusuf and Zahra Buhari in ASO ROCK anchored by Osinbajo who prayed in HAUSA (A MUST WATCH VIDEO)

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