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HEALTH: Why LADIES Should not Use Tissue To Cleanup After Urinating (A MUST READ!) 

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Using a tissue to go to the bathroom might cause discomfort or irritation in some women. Still, ladies, please remember to wipe or wash your hands after you urinate.



According to Health line,  Women should keep up with regular hygiene routines to keep infections and irritations away from their private parts.



This is because the skin in such areas is especially vulnerable.


So, after using the bathroom, women should be careful about the hygiene products they use.



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If you’re a woman looking for an alternative to tissue paper after using the restroom, here are two options to consider.



Some women don’t bother to wipe their privates or clean up a themselves after using the restroom.

Defining the reasons why some people may feel ill after using tissue paper

This happens due to a misread swipe.

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One should start wiping themselves off with tissues from the front, rather than the back, after using the restroom.


If you use it backwards, bacteria can move from the rectum to the sensitive female genital area. This makes it more likely that you will get an infection.

Several women have said that using tissue paper made them feel pain, discomfort, burning, and stinging. This made them worry that they might have been exposed to germs or viruses.

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Clean water washing is part of good hygiene practices.

If you’re in a bind and don’t have access to running water, even tissues might not get you totally clean. The use of tissues might cause irritation and itching in certain people.


It’s always nice to have a fresh towel.

You should use a clean towel to dry off when you’ve finished washing up.

If you don’t wash up frequently, you may start to feel uneasy or smell bad.

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