Hon Rotimi Makinde condemns attack on APC Ife Central Office

Hon Rotimi Makinde
Hon Rotimi Makinde
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Former member of House of Representatives, a member of State of Osun Judicial Commission and founder of Oodua FM (90.9fm), Ile-Ife, Hon. Rotimi Makinde has reacted angrily to the attack and vandalisation of APC Secretariat in Atiba, Ile-Ife yesterday.
In a statement released to the press he said ‘’this functional form is very simple. If legitimacy is high, then hardship does not induce political grievance. To think we can still experience serial attacks in Ile ife in this digital age and especially within same political party perplexed my mind momentarily.’’

One of the vandalized APC buildings  in Atiba, Ile-Ife
One of the vandalized APC buildings in Atiba, Ile-Ife

He wondered if ‘’people are truly suffering neglect, discrimination and lack of adequate representation at both state and federal levels, then the revelation of throwing caution to the wind may be expected to produce nothing but real retrogression on the people of Ile ife. What could have increased the levels of grievance to warrant physical attack on any property in this jet age of our time?’’
He said, ‘’no sane and sound person would ever think damaging property is the best form of expressing grief.’’
‘’This implications is assumed to increase with the ratio of grievances across Ife Central as 2018 /2019 election gather momentum. To recall that this was even predicted on a platform dazed me to the marrow. Nonsensical ‘‘active’’—agents within the prospective rebel vision of progressive party should better think ahead to save our dear city from total collapse come 2018/2019.’’
To marvel this, I define as the agents of devil those youths between the age of 18 to 40 submitting themselves to be so used to torment ,destroy people’s property to better begin to think twice and ask themselves if they are truly born for Ife or born because of Ife.

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No word would be too harsh to condemn in totality any satanic manner by any soul, person or group of people who have chosen to unleash terror on the office of APC in Atiba Ile Ife, a location of a stone throw to the palace of Ooni built by Senator Babajide Omoworare in the name of whatever be it politics. It’s all nonsense and satanic in nature and of course a dangerous signal to us that some irrational class of people in Ile Ife never want progress, never want peace for this Kingdom as being championed by our dear Ooni…

I feel sorry for us as human beings…..’’ Hon Makinde concluded,

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