Human Right Lawyer, Inibehe Effiong Reveals NCS Officer Who Tortured, Threatened To ‘finish’ Him

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Human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, has revealed identity of a two star officer in the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), who tortured him and threatened to ‘finish’ him.

Taking to his Twitter account, Inibehe threaded his statement, disclosing specific details about the officer in context.


The officer named is Enobong Phillip Eyoren, also known as Gideon Eyoren, and goes by the Facebook name Kasiano Kasiano. Eyoren is an Assistant Superintendent 1; working at the Ikot Ekpene Medium Custodial Centre as a Correctional Officer (warder) his ordeal in prison.

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“Eyoren tortured and subjected me to the most humiliating and traumatic experience of my life for merely asking that the Assistant Controller of Corrections in Ikot Ekpene prison, ACC Edet Akpan, should give me time to arrange myself and have my bath.”

Inibehe explained that the officer took the request as an insult and unleashed violence on him.

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“As he was torturing me, he kept taunting me to look at his name. He said nothing would happen. He said repeatedly that he was going to “finish me” (a threat to my life). He even had the audacity to make a video record of me while I was being brutally shaved.

“He insisted that my beards and the hairs on my head should be completely shaved. Even when the barber (an inmate) whom he brought and ordered to shave me against my wish wanted to stop, he shouted at him to shave me completely and was mocking me as I sat on the dirty bare floor.”

Recalls that Why Inibehe, The young lawyer was incarcerated for a month in Akwa Ibom State on the order of the state Chief Judge, Ekaette Obot, who accused him of contempt after he had objected to the presence of two armed police operatives in the courtroom.

Speaking to over 500 audience members on the Twitter space, Mr Effiong narrated all that happened in court.

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