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I staked my neck, sleepless nights and worked hard so as to be rewarded by my Political Party, APC By OBI OJAGE (SPONSORED)



*I DON’T work on impulse or inherit people’s kama. I am working for my incarnation. It’s a world without end.*

*WHEN you stand in defense of a cause or an individual, it’s either you win together or you both would lose if you had stuck to the cause. There is always a cost to any venture or an adventure. In the event of victory or success you would either be rewarded by the victor or he stands to suffered the “curse” for betraying or dumping you after gaining victory. Nature abhors that. And does not condole such recalcitrants. People do not seem to realise it because it is usually not instantaneous. Every workman deserve a pay whether in kind or cash, but to be paid, he must. Either by the man, the institution concern or by nature itself. So whenever you work hard sincerely towards a course for which you believed in and had done your best honestly, relax, nature would do the rest. Don’t squirm. Do not even bother yourself looking for scapegoats. Those involved have been trapped to be destroyed for your sake. Wait, and you shall see!*

I HAVE done so much for my party the APC from the South South region and in defense of President MOHAMMADU BUHARI. And it is out there in the public domain ever since I decided to join the APC in the year of the Lord, 2015, after my ordeal. General Buhari is the current President of the country and leader of my party. What comes out of it, I take. No matter what any body high or low does to scuttle my chances of been rewarded like others elsewhere who’ve done much less. The “curse” is on them or those who conspire against me in the process.

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*I AM use to the Devil’s fight as a Christ Devotee. I bear my wounds in silence and wait for the Lord’s time. I am a core professional. Like they say, “a good writer or news reporter is never unemployed.” I know why I am still hanging around especially in partisan politics. And no one can scare me out of it unduly not until I decide to quite if and when I will, on my own accord. Politics is not the harbinger for indecent people to flourish and take authority to rule decent folks or the Lord’s chosen. Its an arena formulated for you and I to partake and dictate what type of governance we desire.*

*EVIL minded people may flourish but it is for a time. No matter how strong and well connected they’re in the moments of their reign at the period on earth. Death will certainly come like a thief in the night probably at a day most sweetest, to completely diminish their bravado to eternal suffering or what the Bible terms as spiritual condemnation. It is so because their Souls would be caged permanently in their graves and not be allowed to incarnate like those of good people, by the powers of darkness generated from the different evil things they were engaged in doing while alive. The forces from such cumulated negative energy released into their world’s space at the time would constitute the power with the potentials to now engulf them in an enclosure of spiritual darkness in totality. And those forces will equally cause their Souls to roam about under rain and under heavy dew, aimlessly without a form.*

*THE Souls however, which are now worthless, would instantly dissolved Into darkness and be moving in that sphere around filthy places and garbage dumps where they do hibernate when they’re unable to return back to their graves in a moment at a given time, for one reasons or the other. Their Souls which are now formless will be disposed to rays of negative vibrations where they can easily be invoked often by those men of the occult, including ritualists, sorcerers and all the magicians through the use of different incantations with phonemes that attracts a particular targeted Soul for used as evil agents (Daemons) on errand to harm those of their enemies or pray whom they wish to afflict, without any rest. These lost Souls as they’re now termed, are eternally bound to be engaged in such unrewarding services Day in, day out. Same routine. None stop. How Hellish?*

*THAT’S exactly what befalls both those who perpetrate evil and their accomplices in all forms against the Lord’s creations and availabilities. And together with those who are engaged or encourage covetousness during their life time on earth. The Bible or the Scriptures puts it succinctly by calling or describing their abode as “Hell Fire”. Literally it is, indeed. Everything happens here on this glorious earth, and nowhere else. If you’re good, you’re doing that for yourself. If you’re engaged in Evilness, you’ll be doing that too; to yourself equally as well. Know so.*

*IN spite of the dwindling state that our party in Cross river had been in the past over the period due to incessant conflicts resulting into factions that bedeviled its progress as a result of greed, I stayed as a politician in APC with no government nor party patronage whatsoever. With all I have in me to give in whichever political settings I may have chosen to go, but refused against all odds to defect as those who now do from where they had come out of despair.*

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*I AM not worried about whoever wants to head or be in control of the structures of the party. They can go ahead and do so. That wouldn’t bothered me one bit. I am not inordinate nor running for Governorship position. But would support one who will. The two past Governors of our state both His Excellency Mr. Donald Duke and Senator Liyel Imoke remains the best Governors Nigeria has produced from Cross river or the South South states in spite of some of the misadventures in few of their community program initiatives. And now Prof. Ben Ayade is doing his thing in an exceptional manner. Cross river cannot settle for anything less. If you’re not destined to be Governor, you cannot be. Even if you dislodge ten numbers of Comrade Obi Ojage from reconnaissance will make no difference. You’ll still be at the periphery: “Soon Come”.*

*THE question I am now persuaded to ask the party functionaries and stakeholders who have subscribed to the Consensual arrangement here is this: “Why would all those who have similar political status like myself in the state with political experience and credibility well acknowledged in their various Wards and Chapters like me or even less, are allowed to take their rightful positions in this marriage between the new and old members in APC accordingly. None of those I know have been denied their rights or what they had demanded for in the arrangements. But when it gets to my situation all types of permutations would occur. they’ll insist in undermining me. Those at the top would encourage their aids or surrogates put in charge of the processes in the on going exercise to keep things away from me. They do not only undermine me but are doing everything possible to sideline me in the scheme of things. For example, they would officially invite party leaders, stalwarts and stakeholders in meetings which are tagged as being strictly by invitation and will not invite me. And I don’t go to where I am not invited or puknose where it doesn’t concern me. What is their fears or worries. I wish to know.?*

*SOME of those who are now opportune to be closed to Governor Ben Ayade I was reliably informed, continue to tell lies around concerning me for fear of seeing him relating with me as a politician in the state to avoid what happened during the tenures of both Mr. Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke’s regime as Governors of the state, especially Duke’s. Where I had to be the one to usher them into the Governor’s presence through my persuasion of the duo to accord them recognition. This is their turn they claim, therefore, Comrade Obi Ojage must be kept asunder at all cost. Those two Governors were both my friends. We fought to win the state together under PDP when those who are blabbing today where not there. And they knew my worth. I may have my own weaknesses as a human being quite alright. But I don’t betray trust nor backbite others as a way to sustain relationship. I rather coopt. The more, the merrier. Nobody can duplicate me. My values are different.*

*RECENTLY Mr. Donald Duke called me on phone to ask after my health, how I was doing and inquired to know if I was still in Calabar. And I replied and said yes, I am in Calabar, where else would I go? And he said to me, ain’t you going to your country Cameroon. I heard you’re from Cameroon? And I laughed. He also deed, on phone. Because he had visited my late Mother more than once in her house in Big Qua town here in Calabar, as a Governor. And I tried to explain to him who possibly could be doing that and why?

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*THE sole mission of these ingrates are to demystify me to reduced what they felt was the myths warranting my influence over some of those personalities they had the privilege of our friendship by going through my contacts to get their attention at the level and manner they did in their jealous and wicket instincts. By calling me a foreigner that superfluidity of influence and air of confidence they felt I did exude that seems to attracts concerns from which they benefited as my friends, would’ve evaporated or dwindled however, intuitively. Especially if they are able to change my nationality status through persistent lie over and over to the hearing of those attracted to me who are still wielding some influence around the corridors of power.*

*THEY felt by that, my ratings before these personalities would fall automatically. The obsequiousness enjoyed from their disposition may not be there as much, so is their imagined evilness and conceptions. Just like some people in Nigeria had thought of doing so to vice President Atiku Abubaker or Barrack Obama of America whose case is near similar to my late father’s. So I am not oblivious of what these same persons must have told AYADE and several others. Even though I don’t so much nurse negative issues in my mind over people, but I shall endeavor to find the time to discuss each and every one of these persons in details, how I came to know them and the good things I had to bend over backwards in my days of glory; to do to them here, on a day to come, the Lord willing.*


*MY late father and mother are both from Cross river state no doubts about that. But my father has a duel Nationality “paternally” from a town known as Agborkem Osijing formerly in Cross river state that became annex to the war turned area called Mamfe, in the former Southern Cameroon after the plebiscite in 1960. MY late father is Chief Michael Ndep Ojage. And Ejagham/Boki man. A retired Nigerian Police Officer here in Aroline Police station now known as Akim police barracks here in Calabar. Who finally retired in Opubo in 1965 on pension by Nigerian Government up till his death. He became a Chief of Agborkem Osijing, commonly known as Agborkem German.*

*THEY’RE three Agborkem towns in Etung Local Government of Cross river then namely: “Agborkem Coconut”, Agborkem Waterfalls” and “Agborkem German” where my late father was a Paramount chief. A very popular chief at that. His mother is from Abon Orock a village in Boki Local Government of Cross river but they settled in Gaku in Nsadop equally in Boki Local Government all in Cross River State. He was married to late Chief Michael Ogon’s sister, Mma Nakia, who was my father’s first wife from Kessip in Nsadop, Boki Local Government of Cross river state respectively. She gave birth to my father’s first daughter Beltha Ekun Ojage whom I grew up with from when I was two year old child. She was married to an Igbo man from Ovim Mr. James Agbai living then in Aba where I stayed with them and did my primary school education at No. 2c pound road Aba. She has six children all over in the UK, America and France.*

*MY late father lived and own a house in Mamfe the first Cameroon town after the Nigerian Boarders. He was not from there as most people thought unfortunately. He mainly lived there like most Nigerians from Ikom in Cross river did before the Plebiscite. Mamfe is a town solely owned and habited throughout by a tribe known as “Bayangi” in Southwestern Cameroon now in turmoil. My father is an “Ejagham” Chief not a Bayangi man. The Ejagham people are either found around the creeks and tributaries up and down the Cross river or some scattered on land around the Boarder areas between Nigeria and Cameroon. My father became a customary court judge for many years there. I equally did my Secondary and Higher school both in St. Augustine College, St. James College and Longla High school at Ntarakum, Mankon Town in Bamenda, Northwest of Cameroon.

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*AND my late Mother was an Efiks/Qua Princess. She is from Ediba/Henshaw town and Akpabuyo. She is by name Madam Ewan Edem Offiong Effiwatt Ojage. I am the third son of my mother and the sixth of my father. I was born at Ikot Ekpene which was then a town in Cross river where my father served as a Nigerian Police officer in those days of British Police. But now a town in Akwa Ibom state. Presently I have a small house I built in Calabar Municipality on a land in Ediba Qua town, my mother’s village, bought from the community “whole sale” as an indigene not on lease as it is been done to strangers.*

*HOW then on earth can some one in his rightful senses if not out of wickedness and deep ingratitude from an evil heart at this time and age, to call me a foreigner and even turned it into an anthem to make it sound like a “Truth” in blatant falsehood? Is it by Birth, Parentage, Nationality or what? My name “OBI”, is a Boki name. “OFFIONG”, is an Efik name. “OJAGE,” is a native and an ancient Ejagham-Etung name proper.*

*THAT’S how mischievous people are against me in my state of Cross river all because of my uprightness and the fear of the Lord which I had allowed to rope in all of my activities. And my consistencies in exposing through series of my articles on the social media and other platforms, the evil engagements of those practising “Sorcery” and all forms of evil practices secretly; amongst us majority of who are holding strategic positions in our Land at various circles whose aim is to force me and others like me into perpetual subsistent living through common blackmail and stratagems in manipulating those they find favourably disposed to me.*

*BUT they are not the “Lord” nor Nature from whom I came forth to live as a mortal being up to this moment in life. Their doom is afoot. I remain undauntedly committed to the Lord’s purpose for my life here on earth this time, to propagate without any reservation, the deep things of the Lord revealed to me by the “Spirit of Inspiration” to my friends here who care to read what my American friend described as Epistles. No hard feelings.*

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*MY thankless commitment to project the party in good light continually therefore cannot now be rewarded in the manner those who are behind the plot to stop my ascendency want to do. Certainly not the Governor Ben Ayade. I have neither met with the Governor nor do I hold any grudge or have anything fundamental as a critic against him as our Governor; to warrant his been bias against me now that we are in the same political party. The few things I wrote in my platform and column few times concerning him even when he was still in PDP and myself in APC and now, were all advisory. Very objective and fair minded criticism and eulogies. Especially in areas where I considered him to have done well. I did so constructively and not as a fanatic neither did I say what I said in any of the write-ups as one adversed to him.*

*I never attacked nor attempt to blackmailed Governor Ben Ayade as most people had expected me to; as prolific as I may have appeared in their assessment of this “Pen attacking and blackmail business.” And I am known to have a wide reach of readership of those who matter in my Facebook, WhatsApp and other Blogger-on-line-platforms where I feature. People thought I should. He was then in PDP and I was in the opposition in APC. Most people felt that way because I was up in arms with my pen against the military Governors sent to Cross river during their era. But I don’t. I don’t act on impulses, inherit people’s kama, challenge or condemn “Merit and the efforts being made towards “Success” by those who do” when I find one, as does Governor Ben Ayade in his own way and method.*

*I HAD course to call the Governor on phone several times and he didn’t pick. I wondered whether because I am not from Obudu like him or what he has falsely been made to believe about me. Because I hear the journalist Agba Jalingo an Obudu chap saying he speaks with the Governor Ayade on phone always even after attacking him and his government. And I found that strange for a Governor who exudes such flexibility, contour in speech and graveness in governance as it is been projected so far characteristically to quench the zeal to service of a compatriot like me.*

*I HAVE done a lot to propagate the party as one from the South South zone in defense of the leader of our great party who is Mr. President against all odds to my wellbeing, by using my platform on social media and other outfits with over 24 (twenty four articles) specifically on issues involving the current President directly with facts over falsehood, where I joined issues with prominent individual members of the opposition and other elements who tried and still does, in theirs efforts to malign the name and person of President MOHAMNADU BUHARI before the Nigerian public and the world, in order to bring down the government under his able leadership.*

*EVERYTHING I have written about our party and in defense of Mr. President is there in the public domain. Let those who may want to challenge my intention of vying for an office at the National level from Cross river show me what they have done for the party or President Mohammadu Buhari in their personal capacity compared to my humble self over the period. Talk is cheap.*

*APC is in existence today, truth be told, because of the image and presence of General Mohammadu Buhari which some of us consistently try to sustain in good stead. Take him and a few others away, APC will fall like a pack of cards. And some of these persons would not have wished to come over or stay one minute like I did, with nothing to show for it. Therefore it will be totally wrong before man and the Lord. And the height of gross injustice to treat those of us who have dared every imaginable enemy of the President, where we slam them with the same vulgarity of words in our defense of Mr. President against the lies they try to convince Nigerians with. And you feel we shouldn’t partake in the dividend or successes of the government, who should?*
*End Time Message!”*


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