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INSIDE LIFE! Girl, 14 with mentally derange parents, lived, raped, abused by Area Boys at a dumpsite – LAGOS STATE GOVT ATTENTION NEEDED!

Calling on individuals, Lagos State Govt to rehabilitate Pelumi Olamide (Photo: Saturday Sun)
Calling on individuals, Lagos State Govt to rehabilitate Pelumi Olamide (Photo: Saturday Sun)

This is a pathetic story of a 14-year-old girl identified as Pelumi Olamide whose parents are mentally deranged, she has tasted sorrow from birth according this story put together by Saturday Sun.

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She claimed that despite the cruel situations she encountered Area Boys numbering about 10 came to rape her every night, “They take turns to rape me every night.”

Pelumi was rescued by a good Samaritan, Mrs Ngozi Olomilua, 60 at a dumpsite located at Oduwole Street, Abule Odu in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State.

Mrs Olomilua recounted how Pelumi ended up in her house at Egbeda, Lagos;

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“I live at Egbeda and I am a member of Winners Chapel church. I am an Evangelist and was on my way back from evangelism with my goddaughter when I bumped into her. When we were coming, I wanted to pass another route that will be shorter for me to take a bike but my goddaughter said we should take another route. She lives in the area so she knows better. As we were going down the road, I was on a phone call; the lady I was walking with tapped me and said that someone was talking to me. I asked her who that could be because we were passing beside a very big dustbin.

Then I saw someone who was looking very dirty and tattered, I asked the lady beside me what the girl was saying. She told me that the girl wants me to pray for her. As at then, she looked like a mad person covered with dust, in tattered clothes and stained everywhere. I asked for her name, she told me Pelumi. Then, when I told her to kneel down that I want to pray for her, she started looking around to see if there was anyone watching us and there were people there actually looking at us.”

Calling on individuals, Lagos State Govt to rehabilitate Pelumi Olamide (Photo: Saturday Sun)
Calling on individuals, Lagos State Govt to rehabilitate Pelumi Olamide (Photo: Saturday Sun)

Mrs. Olumilua said that after praying for her, she gave her money and left but was prompted by her spirit to go and get her. “When I asked Pelumi if she would follow me, she rushed to carry my bag, and hugged me seriously, that she will go with me.”

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“As soon as Pelumi agreed to follow me, some area boys crowded us and started asking me where I was taking her to. Immediately Pelumi saw those guys, she held on tightly to me. I told the area boys that I want to take her to my house to bath and feed her. They asked me if I will be bringing her back and had to get my contact before I was able to leave. Those guys were more than 10. Pelumi started pointing at them accusing them of raping and sleeping with her, so they left one after the other, until only three guys remained. Those ones asked me to wait so they can call my number and see whether my phone would ring in their presence. Even the motorcyclists we stopped didn’t agree to take her. They mostly sped off.”

 “It is the faith in Christ that motivated me to do that.

She said she had to go back to the dustbin where she picked her to make some investigations as regarding the girl’s parents or probably any close relative and met one Honourable Hamzat who informed her that Pelumi was born of a mad woman and had no family around.

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She said she had to run some tests on the young girl to know her health status especially with the prevailing illnesses in the society today. Surprisingly, she tested negative to the major tests conducted at a government hospital.

“The women in the area told us that they do see the girl in the open space being molested by the area boys in the area.”

Pelumi narrated her cruel experiences while staying at the dump site at Abule-Odo.

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“I am 14 years old. I’ve been living at Abule Odu since I was a baby. All the area boys living close to that place do sleep with me but three of them are consistent with it. Their names are: Indomie, Shinkoekun, and Ibro. They do come to sleep with me every single day. They don’t come together but they come one after the other to molest me. Indomie even harmed me with knife the night prior to the day mummy (Mrs. Olumilua) came. He said he wanted to sleep with me but I didn’t want him to, so he injured me and out of fear, I had to allow him.”

Pelumi said that the guys who molest her have never used protection rather; they do have raw sex with her. The young girl claims to be pregnant even though the test result states otherwise. “I am pregnant. Those guys told me I’m pregnant. I’ve never given birth to a child before.”

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She said she went to report herself to the police at Idimu,

“They sent me away like a dog. There is a house nearby where I stayed. They fix batteries in the house. The owner of that house is a rich man. He slept with me in a container and sent me away. He didn’t give me any money.”

Pelumi said she was feeding off one Iya Maria, a food vendor in the area, who feeds her three times daily.

“I want to go to school; I will learn how to write letters of the alphabet. I’ve never been to school before but I want to start going now. Please do not send me away. I am very happy here,” she pleaded.

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Mrs Olomilua is calling the attention of the Chairman of Alimosho Local Government and the Lagos State Government to come to the rescue of Pelumi, at least, to have a sense of belonging.

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