INSIDE LIFE: THUNDERSTORM kills three students in Anambra

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TRAGEDY struck in Awka, the capital of Anambra State on Saturday, November 4, 2023 when thunderstorm killed three students while playing football.




The lightning which badgered on Saturday in Awka, strúck nine of the school children while playing football barefooted, leaving three of them déad instantly.




According to sources, the students were Senior Secondary School (SS3), and were being trained by their coach ahead of a forthcoming football competition.




The students were practicing on the football pitch with their coach preparatory to a football tournament.

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“The coach had ended the training session before rain started, but some of the students stayed behind to continue playing football.





“Lightning, accompanied by claps of thunderstorm suddenly enveloped the area and the boys were strúck in the process.




“A teacher heard the students screaming and running. He ran to the field and saw at least nine students trèmbling and jerking on the turf.

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“That was when he raised the alarm and people gathered to help. The boys were immediately rushed to the school clinic, from where they were taken to hospital in Awka.




“Six of the nine boys were resuscitated and are currently receiving treatment, but three did not survive. Their parents have been contacted,’’ one of the sources said.





Contributing, another source, Mrs Hope Egwu, said the incident had sent shocks in the spine of the residents of the area since it happened. She added that the victims were rushed to the hospital for urgent medical attention, immediately after the incident.

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