INSIDE LIFE UPDATE on jealous housewife who died in accident while chasing husband’s lover (REACTIONS, VIDEO+PHOTOS)

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IN a follow-up to our earlier news of a jealous housewife who drove herself to death while chasing her husband who was in company of a suspected side-chick, SOJ WORLDWIDE findings revealed that the deceased and the husband had been dating when they were students of University of Calabar (UNICAL) as Law students.

Their courtship eventually ended in wedlock with two children.

















According to a report gathered by SOJ WORLDWIDE correspondent, the deceased received a call from one of her friends whose identity was not know as at the time of filing this report that she found a lady in front of her husband’s car.







Instead of the woman to be patient, she gave her husband a hot chase which eventually led to her untimely death.





The lady escaped after the woman had an accident.  Although, the husband stopped to rescue the woman but it was too late.  The woman died.











Who is to be blamed, the housewife, the husband, the informant or the suspected side-chick who may not even be a lover?




Reacting to the accident, some tweeps had knocked the husband while others blamed the deceased for her actions.





A tweep, @jooryui, said,

“The husband will not forgive himself knowing that his actions directly or indirectly caused his wife’s death.”





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Anotehr tweep, @blezybest, wrote,

“Now, she is gone. Although, on the husband’s side, it is better not to live a suspicious life. We are all jealous by nature (both males and females). Even God is jealous but overdoing it is a big problem for humans.





“May her soul rest in peace, regardless. May we not end up in a marriage filled with distrust and infidelity. Sh*t could be frustrating and unbearable. However, if sh8t happens, caution yourself not to let it kill you psychologically or completely. Nothing should be more important than your life.”











Accusing the deceased’s husband for his wife’s death, @mrmacigo said, “It is a pity the so-called husband has succeeded in killing his wife over a lust for another woman .As the coast is clear, let him wed the woman behind the lost of his lovely wife.”





“A little patience and a little time to think would have stopped this avoidable death. Sad occurrence indeed,” @cchrislenny tweeted.





Also blaming the deceased, @peterokojie8 said,

“The woman should have waited for her husband to return before taking any action. See where her impatience has landed her now. May her soul Rest In Peace.”

“This will never leave the man and side chicks head forever. Hope the man is happy now? Messing with peoples emotions not knowing how they will react should be really considered by people,” @lillyexquisite said.







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