Nigerians speak on NLC/TUC Nationwide Strike (READ INTERESTING COMMENTS)

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THE Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and its ally, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 went on Nationwide strike over the assault on the President of the NLC, Joe Ajaero in Imo State.

A Cross section of Nigerians on Social Media condemned the action of the Labour Unions while only few supported their action.

Read what Nigerians say on X (Twitter):

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8 years ago, Joe Ajaero formed a parallel executive within the NLC after losing the presidency to Ayuba Wabba. He claimed he was fighting a “stolen mandate” due to losing the election.




NLC is not a trade union. Just the umbrella body of trade unions. How many trade unions met, agreed and signed to go on industrial actions? I guess unions like NURTW, MHWUN, NUBIFIE, NUFBTE are not interested in Ajaero’s tantrums.





What Joe Ajaero is doing is illegal and clearly a case of sabotage.”

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Isn’t funny that it was ASUU that first declared for the charade as usual bunch of unserious elements.”






I think also the law should break the power of NLC, let the each state has is own chairman or President to determine their faith. The NLC and TUC should be decentralized and let the state union be the sole authority of their activities..”



A nationwide strike now because of an isolated incident in just one state that is already being addressed is not in Nigeria’s interest. It may further a personal interest, but it will harm the national interest. Power must not be used to settle scores. Instead, it must be used to promote the shores of our economic and democratic progress. I call on the Nigerian Labour Congress to be rational and put the national interest and let peace reign.”

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“seyi ajayi
Everything is not in Nigeria interest ,but Nigeria interest is dying. Lawlessness to one person is lawlessness to all. The day this becomes a priority to govt and govt official, Nigeria will become better, this issues was supposed to be handle promptly, but govt foot drag.”


U lost it completely … NLC is not one man … What a shame once we thought you were this very brilliant man now we see the man and nothing of the brilliance we thought u had …. Painfully Sad.”

Again, the NLC and the TUC should not be holding Nigeria ransom for the condemnable assault of the NLC president in Imo state. This issue happened at the state level and should have been dealt with at that level. Nigeria has serious economic issues and this is a foolish excuse to sabotage the recovery plan that the government is trying to implement in the interest of all. The assault cannot be justified and I condemn it but please don’t hold us all to ransom.”

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“Reno Omokri
Those who allegedly beat Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, were thugs, by his own admission. But even at that, the Imo State Police Commissioner has been redeployed. Why, then, is Joe Ajaero’s NLC calling for a nationwide strike? It makes no sense to ground the entire nation because of one incident to one man in one state. Especially when his presence there was to campaign for the Labour Party candidate in the Judy concluded #ImoDecides2023. Is this strike not due to Ajaero’s disappointment at losing his home state again? I call on every patriotic Nigerian citizen to ignore and reject this strike. It is part of the so called ‘violent uprising’ being invited by the Labour Party and its supporters online and offline.

This current nationwide strike, called by Joe Ajaero’s Nigerian Labour Congress strike, is the stupidest strike ever in Nigeria.

You hold a strike because of what happened to one man, Ajaero, in one state, Imo, and the funniest thing is that the strike is not being observed in Imo, which is in a celebratory mood over Uzodinma’s victory. So, other states are being punished for what happened in Imo while Imo is celebrating, even as Ajaero is crying. What an irony!”


“Balogun Ridwan
The NLC oga Ajaero has every right as a citizen to be partisan but he is not deemed fit to use his office as tool to discharge a duty that is perceived to be partisan..
This is nothing but a misplaced priority.. he should be called to order..
U were attached by IMO thugs as acclaimed in an unofficial duty . Every other citizen of the country does not need to be a victim of your personal choice..”

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