ONAIYEKAN is talking unadulterated rubbish, never heard from God – FANI-KAYODE ON TINUBU’S INAUGURATION

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode
Chief Femi Fani-Kayode
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My dear Pastor, friend and brother,

I will not mention your name here because of the profound respect and love I have had for you over the last 20 years but permit me to share the following with you publicly so that other men of God that think like you may learn a thing or two from it as well.



You are questioning Tinubu, God’s anointed one and choice for President, and you are telling us to keep quiet and not speak against Onaiyekan, a so-called man of God that is talking unadulterated rubbish, that clearly never heard from God and that has soiled his hands in the murky waters of politics?



I have tried to be polite but this is a bit much.

Let me remind you that Christianity is not a religion for slaves and every Christian has a right to make his or her own choices when it comes to politics.



We are not slaves to our Pastors but servants and children of the Living God.

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The minute you tell me that your Pastor can never be wrong I know that you are in error and his slave and you are no longer God’s servant or child.

A Christian cannot be compelled to vote for his Pastor’s candidate or to wish ill, speak evil of, pray against and seek to destroy a man that won a free and fair election but that his Pastor does not want sworn as President.

It is all a matter of choice and we must all live with the consequences, whether good or bad, of the choices that we make.

You treat me with contempt because I supported a Muslim/Muslim ticket and you dare to question my faith and calling as a Christian simply because of that. Is this rational, reasonable or fair? Does it make sense?

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Did God tell you that only a Christian believer can and must rule?

Should matters of faith affect rational reasoning or common sense?

You want me to say that an Obi is better equipped to lead our country than a Tinubu simply because Obi is Christian? Is that not madness?

Worse still you say I should not condemn, criticise or oppose any Pastor or Bishop that says that our leader and President-elect must not be sworn in on May 29th because, according to you, he is “not God’s choice”?

If he is not God’s choice then kindly tell me who is? Is it Obi or Atiku or is it the one that you say will lead an ING?

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In any case are you the only one that hears from God? Does God discriminate on religious grounds or make mistakes?

Is a good Muslim with a impressive record of good performance in public office not far better than a lousy Christian that has no record at all?

Simply because we do not agree with your choice and we support Tinubu does not make us any less Christian.

Even the greatest and most respected and reverred men of God are not infallible.

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From time to time they, like every other human being, make mistakes.

All your soulish prayers to stop the swearing in of Asiwaju will not work because we are also praying.

Neither will he be sick or will he die.

We shall meet you in the realms and counter your evil petitions and at the end of the day, we shall prevail, God’s will shall be done and His counsel shall stand.

©️ Femi Fani-Kayode

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