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Pathetic life of the man, Nzeribe who helped to annul fairest, freest election in Nigeria

History is remembering Chief Authur Nzeribe today not for the good he did but for the other sides of life that made Nigeria to be in a pathetic sorry state where it is today.

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In the early 90’s Nzeribe was a Presidential candidate. He was alleged to be a gunrunner. This was where many alleged he made his living from.

Nzeribe in collaboration with the self styled Military President, Ibrahim Babamasi Babangida (IBB) floated Association for Better Nigeria (ABN) with the connivance with a Judge, Justice Bassey Ikpeme of blessed memory helped to annul the fairest and freest election ever held in Nigeria overnight.

This was the election between between Alhaji Ibrahim Tofa of NRC and MKO Abiola of SDP held on June 12, 1993  widely won by MKO accepted by his opponent but annuled by IBB in connivance with Nzeribe.

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Where is Nzeribe today?  

This is for those who felt honeymoon would last forever forgetting that everything in life is temporal.

SOJ WORLDWIDE brought this LESSON OF LIFE for those who wield power today thinking that it is forever.

Perhaps we may not have been experiencing the bloodletting we found ourselves today, the agonies, the pains through hyperinflation and misgovernance if the likes of Nzeribe had not truncate our democracy at the time they did. Posterity is there to judge all those who put us in these predicaments.

The following is an anonymous message retrieved from the Facebook Page of, “Soldiers and Retired Soldiers in Africa”.

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“Lessons of Life

This is Sen. Authur Nzeribe, living like an invalid tissue at his Country home in Ugwuta, IMO State.

At the height of his life, he lived in Nicon Hilton Hotel Abuja, Presidential Suite for over 20yrs. He rode on Rolls Royce Cars in London and Lagos. Had Mansions in major cities of the World. Had private Jets. He was one time an enfant terrible of Nigeria Politics. He helped led IBB to June 12 inbroglio and Late Abacha’s attempted transmutation to Civilian President in 1998.

In all of these, he never thought of doing anything good for his people and today, he’s back home empty with no value attached to his life. Today, he lives a pathetic life at the mercy of aides and Nurses. Life is moving on in Nigeria and the World without him. Money, Cars, Houses, private Jets, and Jet life are all Vanities upon Vanity (Empty).

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This is a warning to those who are living life only for themselves. You oppress, intimidate your family, siblings, friends and even parents because of the “little change” you have at the moment. Just know that everything you have means nothing to God unless Humanity is part of our thinking.

Nothing last for ever.

May God bless You.”

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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