Police Aiding And Abetting Crime In Delta State In Broad Daylight

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A Human Right and Social Justice activist by name, Gwamnishu Emefiena Harrison, the Director of Behind Bars Intervention (BBI) had taken to his Facebook wall to decry the state of armed robbery going on in the state. He called out the Nigeria Police Force for the criminal act. He pointed out officers of SARS who are meant to protect, but who turned around to rob, in broad daylight, the people they are meant to protect. This morning, he called out, with a picture attached, a member of the SARS whose picture was recorded by the phone camera of the victim while he searched and extorted money from the victim. Below is the details in full of his post:

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One of the DELTA SARS officer who robbed a citizen at Gun Point…

They searched his phone 📱, went through his social media app and also check his banking app. The young man was manhandled, deprived him of liberty and access to communicate to family members.

THEY FORCED HIM TO BORROW N30,000 from Online Loan application and same money was withdrawn from a POS operator.

#Loan4Bail #DeltaPolice #CriminalsInUniform

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Gwamnishu Emefiena Harrison



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