RELATIONSHIPS: FIVE Tips On How To Become A Successful Woman – TEMI BADRU

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As We Celebrates The International Women’s Day, A Nigerian Lawyer, Journalist And Compere For High Profile, Temi Badru Shared 5 tips On How To Become A Successful Lady

1. Let us embrace support systems and communities- No woman is an island. We need the support of other people. We need communities and support systems. That could be our relatives, friends, staff, colleagues, religious groups, social groups etc. Let’s us be intentional about nurturing relationships.

2. Let us see men as allies- Men aren’t our enemies. They are our allies as we embrace equity together. A big shout out to the men who support women and push for proper representation of the female gender at different levels.

3. Let us collaborate with other women if our goals align- There are so many woman opportunities when women collaborate. The Gazmadu x LadyBiba collaboration is an example. Gazmadu is a photographer and Ladybiba makes corporate outfits. They came together to create the LadyBoss campaign which a lot of women usually look forward to every year.

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4. Let’s stick with our values: Let us identify our values and allow them influence our choices. For example, What are the things you would you consider before you take any job? Identify them clearly and always consider them before you take actions. Let’s not be pressured to take actions that are against our values.

5. Let’s support other women: Let’s change the narrative about women being hypocritical about supporting one another. Think about your junior colleagues, peers, younger friends and other woman that you can give a helping hand.

As a woman, Always believe in yourself, When you believe in yourself, the world will believe you.

Happy women’s month once again. 🎉

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