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SHOCKER! How Simon Akpa blasts BBC Reporter over his sack by IPOB as Radio Biafra Broadcaster

Few days ago, news had it that the leader of Radio Biafra, Simon Ekpa was sacked for allegedly refusing to follow laid down rules of Biafra Radio.

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It was based on this the BBC Igbo reporter, Peter Akolisa approached Ekpa to find out why he was removed barely a mount he was appointed by IPOB but the BBC reporter got the shocker of his life in his guest.

My name is Uche Akolisa, a journalist with the BBC(Lagos Bureau).

Please, we are seeking your reaction with regards to statement issued by IPOB and signed by its spokesman, Emma Powerful, where the group stated that it may relieve of your appointment as one of their broadcasters on Radio Biafra for allegedly “flouting the laid down rules of engagement’. (See full text below)

Please Sir, kindly oblige us your response: What is your reaction to the allegation that your are flouting the rules? What does these rules say? We will appreciate your reaction to give balance to our story. 

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“Dear Uche,

Thanks for reaching out to me to balance your report. I want you to report my response exactly the way I am writing it here.

It is very interesting to see how eager you are, looking for gossip. You are reporting for BBC Igbo and it is very hard for you to report all the killings and atrocities of the Nigeria State against Ndigbo in Nigeria.


The killings in Rivers State where over 500 Igbos were slaughtered by Governor Wike in Ibigbo (Oyigbo), they were killed and thrown to Oyigbo River, and for weeks, their bodies were seen floating on the river, BBC igbo didn’t go for fact finding in Oyigbo Community to ask their King and community what happened?

In Imo State, over thousands of Igbos were slaughtered by Hope Uzodinma of Imo State, we are yet to see BBC fact finding in Imo State in the affected communities, where Abba Kyari killed and burnt properties of many Igbos in their villages in search of ESN.


In Ebonyi State, we didn’t see BBC fact finding on the killing of Ebonyi Youths by Governor Umahi in Onicha LGA of that state.

In the killings by Fulani terrorists in Igboland, the number of people killed in each attack has always been under reported.


I have not seen BBC fact finding to each community that were attacked to get the exact number of people killed from those locals and not what the government want you to report.

Finally, if you want to interview me, ask me questions about why I am agitating for Biafra and not what is happening in IPOB.


IPOB is a movement and we are freedom fighters, our internal issues if at all there is any is within and between us agitators and not for outsiders consumption.

Please, it is time you change your pattern and manner of Journalism. Contact me and ask me a vital question as to why I am agitating for Biafra and not supporting one Nigeria?


This is the kind of question I would like you to approach me with, you all should be part of solving Nigeria’s problem and not looking for IPOB gossip.

So, I am looking up to you accepting the challenge to host me live and ask me questions about Nigeria and Biafra.

Best regards

Simon Ekpa
LL.M (Master of Laws)”



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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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