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SPECIAL EDITION: HOW Azikiwe backstabbed Awolowo, sold Nigeria to Fulanis (1) (A MUST READ HISTORY+VIDEO FROM THE ARCHIVE) by Adesoji Omosebi

A nation that is bereft of history is bound to grope in the dark like Nigeria is gropping in darkness today.

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Unknown to sons and daughters that made up the entity called Nigeria today, our complexities of problems emanated from our forefathers, who, for the sake of greed, self and ethnic interest sold out our birthrights for a plate of pottage and their children’s children are now paying the price of what they knew nothing about.

SOJ WORLDWIDE http://( went into the archives to bring out the foundation of our predicaments for all of us who are not privy to the historical backgrounds of our problems.

If our forefathers had known that their political schemings, manipulations will put their unborn generations into these bloodbaths, may be, they would have had a rethink..

Some of us were told about the history of cat and mouse friendships between Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe but we never knew to what extent.

It is indeed very instructive present political gladiators think twice about what they do today because it will become history tomorrow.

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Think of what you are sowing today because of your unborn generations.

Here is the affirmation of how we became slaves in our fatherland.

Enjoy the full story:

WHO handed over Nigeria to Fulani?

Someone said “FULANI is Yoruba’s number one enemies and that the British handed over Nigeria to them.”

This is not the truth.

The British did not hand over Nigeria to the Fulani.

Parliamentary elections were held in Nigeria on 12 December 1959.

The results was hung parliament with no clear majority to form a Government.

Nnamdi Azikiwe’s (Zik) National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon (NCNC) came first with 2,594,577 to get 81 seats.

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Chief Obafemi Awolowo Action Group (AG) came second with 1992,364 votes to get 73 seats.

However, the Ahmadu Bello’s Northern People’s Congress (NPC) came a distant third with 1,922,179 votes to get 134 of the 312 seat in the House of Representatives despite getting less public votes.

The above major political parties in the election did not get enough numbers of the seat to form a government, an alliance had to be formed to determine who would rule.

It was a no brainer that Zik’s NCNC and Awolowo’s Action Group should make Coalition Government as they came first and second respectively.

Awolowo, then humbled himself and volunteered to be Deputy Prime Minister or Finance Minister in a coalition government with Zik as the Prime Minister.

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This was because the Zik’s NCNC party had more public votes and seats then the Awolowo,s Action Group.

Zik’s invited Awolowo’s team to Asaba, the gateway between the Yoruba’s Western Region and the Igbo’s Eastern Region to hold coalition talks.

The talk was a clever ruse to keep Action Groups hopes high so that Action Group would be kept distracted from meeting with other minor parties for talks including:
Northern Election Progressive Union (NEPU) with 8 seats; Mobolaji Grand Alliance (MGA) with 6 seats Igala Union (IU) with 4 seats, Independent Candidates with 4 seats ; Igbira Tribal Union (ITU) with 4 seats and the Niger Delta Congress (NGC) with 1 seat.

Whilst the Action Group team was waiting in Asaba for a meeting with Nnamdi Azikiwe and the NCNC had gone up north and clinched the deal with Ahmadu Bello on forming a coalition government with the NPC.

Tafawa Balewa, a Fulani, would be the Prime Minister of Nigeria while Zik would be the figurehead Governor- General.

Even the President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah was shocked.




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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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