TALES of woes as ACCESS Bank customers lament over Collapsed App

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ONE of the foremost commercial banks in Nigeria, Access Bank Plc is presently in the storm as customers besieged their branches nationwide over malfunctioning of their App for over three days.



Customers who would not want their names mentioned said they experienced the malfunctioning of their App since Thursday, November 16, 2023 while others said the problem started from last week.



The situation of Youth Corpers are more pathetic as they could not access their monthly allowance coupled with biting hyperinflation, their trauma is better imagined.



The App is still the same as at the time of filing this report.

Every trial gives,

Warning, an error has occured.  Please try again later.”

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Reading from one of the concerned customers, 99%OPPRESSED.@PIDOMNIGERIA from his official X (Twitter) handle monitored by SOJ WORLDWIDE, he has this to say about the bank.



You see Nigerians, sometimes if you have privileged information about impending danger, it is best for you to keep your mouth shut so many will fall victims and learn. Because if you try to save the situation before it happens, many will accuse you and call you all sorts of names. Nigerians are not proactive. But reactive in nature. They only learn after the action.

Access Bank @myaccessbank
is facing serious negative issues that the bank is hiding from the public. But because i called them out, some nonentities are all over my post weeping more than the bereaved. Accusing me of negative publicity, bad PR, trying to spoil someone elses business.

Wow 😲😲😲 Na wa for Nigerians oooooh. When the oppressors oppress them, they keep mute and obey. But if you try to challenge the oppressors on their behalf, they will come out in their numbers to challenge you that is challenging their oppressors.

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I am not boasting, but people that are enjoying Opay @OPay_NG
services now, some of them don’t know the role i played in contributing to that.

Sometimes in 2022, Opay had a very shaky service, faced with lots of issues.
I informed Nigerians via my now suspended X (twitter) account @Truthfully83, even when the company kept it as a secret.

Guess what! the message went viral, the company officials reached out to me, the MD asked for my phone number which i declined to give.

They made a huge promise to me to fix up those issues. I also promised them never to post, provided they will fix the problems.

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In 48 hours Opay started fixing the problems. In one week, they settled also 60% of their pending and unresolved issues. In one month, they had a clean slate. They improved on their network, had better cyber security, the rest is history today. Opay is now a brand to trust.

But all these happened behind the scenes. I @PIDOMNIGERIA
didn’t come out to lay claims to it, neither did i blow my trumpet. But i stopped posting about them, as i watched and monitor their progress levels.


But i know vividly, the number of Nigerians who accused me of trying to spoil Opay business back then. Some who gave 101 reasons why Opay should not be called out, because they are not the first to encounter such problems. Paid trolls and paid sycophants of Opay. But me i no send anybody papa. Because i no dey fear anybody. I dragged Opay until they fixed up. That i can commend them for today with my full chest 👏👏👏
Access Bank @myaccessbank
, this is just the beginning of your downfall. You better fix up, or get out. Nigerians can not be suffering over your incompetence.

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As for those Odo Voltrons, the defenders of the universe, God have mercy upon you.

Meanwhile, ACCESS Bank PLC Management apologize to their numerous customer on the their official X Page,


We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. You can visit the AccessMore app for airtime topup and transfers.

Our branches will open today, Saturday, November 18, 2023, between 9AM and 1PM.

We are committed to serving you better.”

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