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TINUBU reads riot act to change the statusquo if elected as President (A MUST READ)

A Presidential aspirant and former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has rolled out part of his action plans into one to deal with salient issues bedevilling Nigeria for years to date.

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According to a Press Release available to SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS on Facebook account on Tuesday, Tinubu planned to do the unthinkable in order to change the bureaucratic style of governance in Nigeria.

Tinubu said if elected, he “will sweep out incompetent Heads of Government Agencies and Parastatals; I will sweep out Directors of Federal Ministries that have no renovative ideas that can justify their fat salaries and allowances.”


Next year, the Nigerian electorate will go to the poll to give their mandate to another president. I think this mandate question is a very important one. I am now strongly appealing to Nigerians to give me their mandate. If given the mandate, I will change the cast of certain characters in certain ways, to wit: federal bureaucracy.

By giving me a decisive victory in the upcoming 2023 presidential election, I will sweep out incompetent heads of government agencies and parastatals; I will sweep out directors of federal ministries that have no renovative ideas that can justify their fat salaries and allowances; I will make a conspicuous and positive change in the quality of services that are being delivered by the federal civil service. I think there is a demand already to get this kind of change, not merely of service delivery, but of value for money that will result to a new Nigeria.

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As I am appealing to you, the Nigerian electorate, to elect me into the presidency by a landslide, I am also imploring you not to be wary of the word “mandate”. I know that during previous presidential elections,, you have seen many slim mandates, you have seen vanishing mandates, you have seen all kinds of mandates.

But if you humour me and hearken to my clarion call by making my victory during next year’s presidential election a mandate, what then will be the mandate?

I am telling you that there will be several. There will be a mandate to curb corruption and waste in government. There will be a mandate to guarantee the security of lives and property. There will be a mandate to build up the image of Nigeria in foreign affairs. There will also be a mandate to jail thieving politicians. And, most importantly, there will be a mandate to get closer to balanced federal budgets.

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For the first time in my memory, Nigerians are now showing a consciousness of the size of the federal budget deficits. It is few people that can really understand what a billion Naira is, and you certainly cannot understand a trillion. But when we start building budget deficits running into trillions year after year, even the person who can’t comprehend these statistics realizes that something is out of kilter.

With regards to mandate, I want to assure you all that your electing me into the presidency will be an expression of some orders and some wishes: I, for one, want my country back in a position where I can be proud to be called a Nigerian instead of being spit on in overseas. I want my country back in a position where the Naira is sound again. All these and more will be accomplished if you give me your mandate during next year’s presidential election.
I thank you all.


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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

BSc Agric Science

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