WEEKEND SPECIAL: Meet Olivia The Woman Who Lived To 103 After Surviving Tulsa Fire That Killed 300 At Age 6

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A Black woman in the United States lived an inspirational life after almost losing her life as a child. 



When Olivia Hooker was only 6, she witnessed the all infamous Tulsa Race Massacre The incident claimed 300 lives and caused thousands to lose their places of abode but Olivia survived and lived to 103.




Olivia survived the infamous Tulsa Race Massacre which occurred on May 31, 1921, and was a major clash between Blacks and Whites at the time.

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The incident that claimed 300 Black lives and left the homes of thousands of people annihilated, started when a mob of white people stormed a courthouse where a Black teenager was. 

While this was ongoing, a section of war veterans who were all Black decided to protect the Black teen at all cost and this caused violence to ensue.

Olivia was present and witnessed how the clash occurred but she was luckily saved as her mother managed to hide her together with her siblings in a safe spot.

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At the point where the house Olivia was in was supposed to be burnt, it was realized that there were still some white people in the room and it was, therefore, not set on fire.

After surviving, Olivia went on to finish Ohio State University in 1937 and then taught elementary school in Columbus, Ohio. In 1947, she received a master’s degree in psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

In 1961, she earned a doctorate from the University of Rochester.

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