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Editorial Policy Statement on Advert, Press Release, Interview, Others – SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS


It is necessary to bring to the notice of various readers, fans, friends, clients of SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS in Nigeria and diaspora our day-to-day experience while we discharge our role of bringing juicy news to your timeline on social media as at when due 24/7.

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Online journalism is a tasking and challenging venture that entails determination, focus, passion, professionalism and perseverance.

Endurance is a keyword in online journalism. You need to endure to gain the confidence and loyalty of your readers, clients and fans. This is not a day’s job, neither is it a month’s job, nor a year’s job. 

At SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS, apart from the capital on registration, website installation, annual payment for domain registration and annual hosting subscription, there are monthly running costs like payments of salaries for reporters and ad hoc staff who share news to various social media platforms. We also service other running costs like credit cards for data subscription and phone calls.

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We debuted our website, over three years ago on June 12, 2017.

We spent two years in building our reputation and goodwill from zero level of traffic to over hundred of thousands monthly, before we are able to secure approval of Google AdSense in February 2020.

It is worrisome that after having spent so much into this project, we have been inundated with calls, messages, WhatsApp chats and emails to create awareness and publicity, place adverts and publish Press Releases on our website for free, from individuals, politicians and companies.

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We have made enemies when we forward our affordable charges to some of our friends. How do we remain in business if we do not charge?

This is highly disturbing, since these requests are not of national interest but to promote individuals and organizations. 

We think it is necessary to inform our numerous readers across the globe the challenges we face daily and why we can no longer publish promotional news free of charge.

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Kindly bear with us. The economic atmosphere is biting hard on us.

For us to remain in business, we need to survive and for us to survive we need to charge you affordable service charges.

We want our numerous clients and readers to reason with us to get the best from us. 

We seize this opportunity to appreciate all corporate bodies and individuals who have in one way or the other partnered with us to remain in business.

Thank you.

We remain yours truly,

Adesoji Omosebi
SOJ WORLDWIDE…an ONLINE NEWS with a difference.

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Editor’s Note:  Advertise your products and services on our page to get maximum patronage.
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Nigerian army is our army, support them to win the war on terror.

SOJ WORLDWIDE…an ONLINE NEWS with a difference (c) September 13, 2020

Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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