EDITORIAL: Sacking Ms. Jimoh for celebrating Tinubu’s victory was the wrong move – THE QUEST TIMES

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Before Nigeria’s Presidential Election of Feb 25, 2023, Olanike Jimoh was a high-flying staff of Trade Pot Investment Ltd, one of Nigeria’s largest drinks sellers.

Young, hopeful, vivacious and driven, Jimoh had been relieved of her role before you could say ‘Tinubu.’

“Trade Pot investment Ltd, one of the leading drinks sellers in Nigeria, sacked one of us because she celebrated Asiwaju’s win. All because a blogger fed on it…The owner, a staunch Peter Obi supporter, decided to take it up and sacked the girl.

“He lied that she sacked her based on no performance. But here is the girl in the second position of the most performing staff. Her name is number 2 on the list,” tweeted @fattylincorn_01, a friend of Ms. Jimoh.

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Jimoh herself has been retweeting posts of various persons who have described her sack as unjust and political. There is one image of Jimoh celebrating Bola Tinubu’s victory and other pictures of her enjoying her time as a Sales Rep of Trade Pot.

“The company she was working with sacked her because she supported Asiwaju during the election and made a post celebrating his win when Asiwaju was declared as winner,” says Qasim.

“This doesn’t make sense. Why sack her because of her political choice or for not supporting your candidate? Some of you are worse than the people you hate. I hope @olanike_jimoh sues and also gets the relevant authorities to look into it,” tweeted @jidethetog.

By most accounts, Jimoh was no slouch on the job. She was a top performer who exuded confidence, grace and charm aplenty. She was one of her organisation’s assets, colleagues and friends attest.

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At THE QUEST TIMES, we pride ourselves on being non-partisan, seeing as we are not tied to the apron-strings of any politician, chieftain, godfather or political organisation. This of course places upon us the moral burden to play the esteemed, constitutional role of the society’s ombudsman, irrespective of whose Ox is gored.

Having said that, no one should be victimized on account of their political choice(s). The beauty of democracy lies in its divergent, pluralistic viewpoints; for in that potpourri of viewpoints are the ingredients that forge better societies.

To shoe-horn everyone into seeing things through a particular political prism is to be dictatorial, anachronistic and narrow minded. Echo chambers have no place in a democracy and people’s rights to choose should always be respected–in or out of the workplace.

Olanike Jimoh should never have been fired for supporting a presidential candidate her bosses love to hate and for ‘popping the Champagne’ on social media after her favourite presidential candidate was declared winner of the vote.

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To kick her out of her job on political grounds is a violation of her fundamental human rights and a contravention of her right to free speech and freedom of association.

To fire her the way Trade Pot did contravenes the underlying principles and goals of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its domestic affiliates.

We demand that the management of Trade Pot recall Ms Jimoh without further ado and that she be restored to her previous role. She should also get a raise or promotion; and an apology for the psychological trauma all of these have caused her.

At the end of the day, employers of labour have to be held to higher standards as well. It is imperative that we all join hands to erect decent, democratic and happy workplaces that drive productivity in the wider economy as we strive to make the world a better place.
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