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Guess who? The man who scammed millions, flaunting billions of USDollars that almost got away with it (READ EXPLOSIVE DETAILS+VIDEO)

The trademark Nigeria is known with whether we like it or not is, CORRUPTION. This singular stigma has made Nigerians more popular across the globe than the name of its Presidents or Head of States.


Nigerians, whether honest or otherwise have faced many embarrassing moments, if you are not sure, ask Professor Wole Soyinka and few of those who brought pride to the country.

It was here in Nigeria that the proverbial Cat who is supposed to tame the Rat was indicted for wining and dining together with thieves until he was booted out of office.


Lately, the hunter became the hunted. Nigeria is such a country where you get more confused when you begin to look at the situations around you.

This writer is confused on how DCP Abba Kyari fell into this cobwebs with all his experience, honour and awards.  The mighty has fallen in Abba Kyari.

This is a county where they glorify the thieves with chieftancy titles while the honest ones pick from the crumbs that fell from their tables.

The video below showed a popular Nigerian who was celebrated by ‘high and mighty’ in the political and social circles.flaunting his wealth across the globe not knowing he had killed uncountable people alive.


Nigeria is always known for absurdity and negativity where they butchered and beheaded each others more than what they did to chickens, rams and cows during any festive seasons. What a country!

The most highly celebrated scammer today all over the world is Abbas aka Hushpuppi to whom our highly respected and finest Nigerian Police Officer, DCP Abba Kyari fell to his pranks. Very painful!


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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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