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Horror! Human Flesh On Display, Served In New York Restaurant, Gets Govt Approval – PLEASE READ INSIDE STORY!


 Human flesh is on display and served as menu in a New York City restaurant with legal backing from the government.

Where else, but New York City? A newly opened restaurant within the city limits is boosting the nation’s first license to serve human flesh on the menu. The restaurant, simply called SKIN, received a license after petitioning the State and Federal Governments over laws against cannibalism.

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“As a species, we are at the top of the food chain, and the only meat left to tackle was other humans,” said SKIN owner Mario Dorcy, a 4-star Michelin Chef.

“We battled long and hard to be able to serve human meat in our restaurant, and the government finally conceded that we were in the right.”

Dorcy says that he has been fighting cannibal ordinance laws for over 10 years, and was finally given the green-light, after he promised that the meat that was used would only come from people who had donated their bodies specifically to his restaurant, knowing full well that they would be eaten.

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“We have to keep meticulous records, and there is a lot of paperwork someone has to fill out before they die, and before they can be eaten,” said Dorcy.

“We do pay handsomely for body donations, though, and the money can be used for anything since funeral expenses become zero when you donate your body to be eaten.”

Dorcy says that there are plenty of dishes on the menu that do not include human meat, but those leery of the process should not order at all.

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Raw steaks on wooden table

“Just like on those packages of candies with allergy warnings that say ‘the machines also are used to make items with nuts,’ our utensils are also used to cook human meat,” said Dorcy. “So don’t come in if you’re not down with what we do.”



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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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