HOW Afonja rebelled against Alaafin; Ilorin, Offa, Ofatedo, Osogbo connections (MASTERPIECE BY DARE BABARINSA)

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SOJ WORLDWIDE stumbled on this piece by a veteran Journalist and Historian, Dare Babarinsa, we feel our readers should read this historical background of how the Yorubas rebelled against itself to fight for the enemies for monetary gains and rewards.


The betrayals of Yorubas against their blood brothers is still ongoing but the consequences is still very potent.






Although the history was brief, nevertheless, we can still add 2+2 to get the grasp of the beauty on the essence of the writeups.






1.When Afonja rebelled against his overlords, the Alaafin, many of the regional rulers supported him.

2. When Alimi staged his bloody coup against Afonja, many top Yoruba generals, including Balogun Alanomu, were with him. Afonja was killed with the help of Yoruba soldiers.


3. Alaafin decided to lead his troops to battle to reclaim Ilorin from the hands of the Fulani. At the thick of battle, Onikoyi, his strongest general, changed side and joined the Ilorin host. The Alaafin was slain.

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4. After the defeat of the Ilorin hordes at the battle of Osogbo in 1840, the Ibadan sent a powerful division to Offa to defend the city against the siege of the Ilorin. But some Offa chiefs, opposed to the Olofa, opened their city gate to the Ilorin forces. The Ibadan retreated with the Olofa who was assisted to set up a new town, Ofatedo, near Osogbo.

The Ilorin Commander, after seizing Offa, denounced the Offa chiefs as traitors and ordered them executed.

5. During the First Republic, the forces that were used against the Action Group were mainly Yoruba politicians and Judges.

6. During the Second Republic, the forces were again mobilized to thwart the aspirations of our leaders.

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7. During the current dispensation, voices of elders that should be voices of sobriety and sagacity continue to preach division, hatred and fear.

We need to know that the enemy is at the city gate like in Offa of old.

However, tackling the challenge requires the bold step of loving our neighbour, and looking at him in a different light.

Until we conquer hatred with love, we are going nowhere.
Omo buruku l’ojo tie!

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  1. The betrayers are steal there. (Eni ani ofeni loju ata lofisenu.) peaple like Obasanjo, Bode Gorege and others are there this time but God will never give the power.

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