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Igboho predicts his ordeal that Buhari will go after him if he fights killer Herdsmen (READ HIS WORDS)

Sunday igboho
Sunday Ignoho

Yoruba Nation agitator and activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho once said any attempt by young men of the South-West to protect themselves from killer herders will have grievous consequences as it will draw the wrath of President Muhammadu Buhari, who is Fulani.


In a 2019 video obtained by SaharaReporters, Igboho predicted that the Buhari-led government will frown on efforts by Yoruba people to protect themselves even though the government had not tried to stop the activities of Boko Haram militants in the North.

Igboho, in the video, stated this as the reason for his refusal to defend Yorubaland despite the role he played in the Ife-Modakeke crisis.

He added that there are also people from his ethnic nationality who are likely to betray him if he doesn’t apply wisdom in the agitations.

He noted that if truly Yoruba leaders want to stop the killings by Fulani herdsmen, they should convene a meeting where a document is signed notifying the world that Yoruba leaders have asked freedom fighters to defend all parts of Yorubaland.


This, he said, would protect agitators from whatsoever label the government of the day might likely give them.

He said, “My name is Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho. In our place, one is usually referred to by the name of his town or city. I am one of the warriors that partook in the war between Modakeke and Ife. Some of the people who know of my antecedent and what I did during the war, when they hear my name, they know I am a real warrior.

“During the struggles of (Rasheed) Ladoja and (Lamidi) Adedibu in Ibadan, those who wanted to impeach Ladoja, those who wanted to remove him from his position and all, those who knew what I did to ensure Ladoja didn’t get cheated, when some of them see me, they refer to me as a brave and courageous man because, despite the multitude of enemies, God fought for me.


“My opinion on Fulani killings is that Yoruba people must be united and speak with one voice. If our leaders truly want us to fight killer herdsmen, then our kings, elders must be at the fore, call us to a meeting and give us the mandate to protect Yorubaland.

“They must also invite journalists to cover the event so that the whole world will know that they gave us the mandate to protect the Yoruba people. May God be with us, what is the extent of the power of the Fulani people, they are very insignificant, I swear to God.

“But if we say we should put into use, the charms we inherited from our fathers, the Nigerian government will definitely tag us with another name.


“If the Yoruba elders and leaders know that Yoruba people are truly suffering, they should invite each and every one of us to a meeting together with the Obas, other traditional rulers. When they sit together, then they invite us… God is the most powerful, I am but a man, some people are more powerful than us, they should invite those ones too. Then after that, if they feel we can also make an impact, they should invite us. We will all sit together and see how we will find a solution.

“Some people only hear of my name, they haven’t seen me physically before, some people will say I can command a gun, I have only done this in the presence of a few people. For some people, they exaggerate what I have done while some will say I am just bragging.

“Well, for me to come now and say ‘I am Sunday Igboho, I want to fight for Yoruba people’, I’m sure within three days, Buhari will give a directive from Abuja, and soldiers will flood my house with weapons, even more than their fight against insurgents in the North.


“The government has turned a blind eye to the insurgency in the North and the chaos caused by Boko Haram terrorists but by the time we try to fight for Yoruba people here, you’d see what the government will do, they will try to name it something else.

“All the onslaught of Boko Haram and those other terrorists in the North without a repercussion; by the time we try to protect our own people, the government will tag it as something else because some Yoruba people will go to the government and say ‘we know these boys, they are murderers, they are hired killers!’ Please, who have we killed, whose mother have we killed?

“Our struggle is simply to protect Yoruba people, that is why it requires wisdom, it is not something that someone will put on a uniform with charms and the rest and say we want to confront Fulani people.


“One has to sit, consult with Yoruba leaders, then they sign a document giving us the go-ahead that we have their support to protect Yoruba people all over Yorubaland.

”There are young men who are willing to protect their land, they will never flee, but it requires wisdom. We can’t just mobilise young men to go and start protecting our people from being kidnapped, it requires wisdom.

“If they (Yoruba leaders) are sure that they are our fathers in Yorubaland and that they are not bad fathers or betrayers, they should be at the fore of this discussion and see if we will go or not but they have refused to do so because of what they collect from politicians. I won’t say more than that.”


Igboho is currently detained in Benin Republic after security operatives arrested him on Monday following an alert the Nigerian government issued to its West African counterparts.

Before then, on July 1, operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) stormed Igboho’s house in Ibadan, Oyo State, killing two of his associates and arresting 12 others.

Igboho was able to escape but the government declared him wanted.

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Ibrahim Salami, one of Igboho’s lawyers, disclosed that the agitator was being accused of stockpiling weapons.

The lawyer also said the Nigerian government accused the freedom fighter of calling for secession and disturbing the country.

Salami said, “The Nigerian government said Igboho was involved in arms trafficking into Nigeria.

“The second one is that he is causing disturbances in Nigeria and the third one is that he is trying to divide Nigeria into two or three.”



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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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