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INSIDE LIFE: Church founder charmed me, turns me to a s*x machine in his car, threatens to kill me after pregnancy – WOMAN CRIES OUT (VIDEO+DETAILS)

A woman has cried out that her life was under a threat by a Founder of Evangelical Church of Jah situated at No. 2-4 Olowoira Street, Lagos.

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The lady who did not identify herself in the viral video identified the founder of the Church as Bishop Elijah Akorede Obadika.

According to the lady, she went to the Bishop with her mother who was sick for her perfect healing.

After the prayer, the ‘Man of God’ said she was responsible for the misfortune of her mother.

What is the solution?

Bishop promised there is no problems, that everything will be sorted out but she should go and come back alone to collect a solution powder.  He asked her to put the powder under her pillow when sleeping and come back to see him with whatever she must have seen in her dream. 

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The lady said she didn’t see anything in her dream, the only thing she discovered was that, after three days she packed all her belongings to the Church to live in the church compound where the founder of the church turned her to a sex machine in his car in the church premises.

The sex resulted into pregnancy that made the Bishop to chase her outside the church with a promise that he will rent a new apartment for her and told her never to report the incident to anyone. She discovered that the Bishop was deceiving her because he failed to get any new apartment for her until the pregnancy reached eight months. 

It was then he took her to his father in Ibadan, in a house that is not suitable for an animal talkless of a human being.

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After delivery, she said she began to see different occultic sacrifices like life snake, scorpion and other obscene things.

After the delivery of the baby, someone told her to leave the house immediately to save her life and the baby.

She ran back to Lagos where Bishop Obadika is allegedly chasing her and threatening her life.

She is therefore crying for good spirited Nigerians to save her life and the life of her only child from the Bishop whom she later discovered had done so many atrocities to many ladies before and after her own incident.

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