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Interior Minister, Aregbesola a disgrace to Yoruba civilisation says Oodua Group (AOKOYA)

Former Governor of Osun State and current Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola has come under a serious attack over his verbal attacks on the agitators of Yoruba Nation.


Aregbesola had said those agitating for Yoruba Nation are “foolish” in his recent statement.

In a Press Statement released by coalition of Yoruba groups, APAPO O’ODUA KOYA (AOKOYA) available to SOJ WORLDWIDE,  ‘disdescribed Aregbesolag as a ‘disgrace to Yoruba civilization.’

“Press Statement

Sunday June 06, 2021The Minister of Interior, Mr Rauf Aregbesola has been described as a  disgrace and a huge embarrassment to himself and to Yoruba people all over the world.


Aregbesola had said those agitating for Yoruba Nation are “foolish” in a statement at the weekend.

On Sunday, a Pan Yoruba coalition said Aregbesola lacks a deep sense of history and has suddenly become the mouthpiece of the Fulani under which Nigeria become a rogue state.

“Aregbesola has embarrassed himself and portrayed himself as parochial, self-centered, myopic and essentially out of touch with the trials and tribulations of his own people” Apapo O’odua Koya,(AOKOYA)a coalition of several Yoruba groups said on Sunday.


The group in a statement signed by Ahmed Akorede said Aregbesola is desperate to be in the good books of his Fulani paymasters adding that he is destroying any honour left for him. The group said the political trend Aregbesola represents had sustained itself since 1999 not with ideas and knowledge but through savage accumulation of wealth and sharing of favour to the dregs of Yoruba society.

“His political trend is anti-thesis. It is meant to collapse as we can seem He and his cohorts have produced criminals as Obas and thugs are elevated to the position of their being accompanied by police escort while political appointments are shared among reactionary elements who have combined to bring down the Yoruba glory,” AOKOYA said

The group said further: “We welcome Aregbesola saying millions of Yoruba people including artisans, academics and revolutionaries fighting for Yoruba Nation are foolish. It helps us to define where Aregbesola stands and how to place him in the context of unfolding political events. Since 1999 he has acquired wealth through foul means and State bled under his lousy and sectarian rule” AOKOYA said.


The group said under Aregbesola’s watch, armed Fulani have invaded Yoruba territories, raping, mailing and terrorizing the Yoruba people, sending them away from their homes.

“As we speak, Ilesa, where Aregbesola comes from and Akoko, where he grew up have been invaded by heavily armed Fulani terrorists. Farmers are sent away from their homes midsts reports by regional and international intelligence that Yorubaland is about to be invaded and vanguished. In the face of this terrorism, Aregbesola has failed to condemn the invasion but by his statement has justified the onslaught on his own people. It shows how vain and empty some people in sensitive political positions are.”


The group reminded Aregbesola that during the ethnic crisis at Ile Ife in 2015, the them Minister of Interior Abdulraham Dambazua visited Ile Ife to show solidarity with his Fulani people while after the ethnic attacks in Shasha, Ibadan, Oyo State, five Northern Governors rushed down and donated over N200m to their own people while Aregbesola as a Minister would rather like to promote armed attacks on his own people. Who is foolish?

AOKOYA said Aregbesola”s position was informed by personal interest and his savage attachment to a primitive and stone age Taliban ideology which he shares with some extremists in the Fulani North against the norms, pluralism and civilisations of his own people.


“Aregbesola poses a serious danger to Yoruba Nation and the culture of debate which the Yoruba has defended for over nine centuries He has declared himself as our enemy. We want to remind him that given the momentum and the revolutionary zeal of the Yoruba people at the moment, Aregbesola and his tiny beneficiaries of the criminal system will not be able to stop an idea which time has come.

The group said Aregbesola lacks a deep sense of history and had chosen to confront his own people using the organs of a brutal, but weak, fragile and grossly irresponsible state.”


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