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JOE Igbokwe writes on kidney transplant problems and Ekweremadu’s dilemma (READ AND SHARE)


Know this and have inner peace: Harvest of organs is a multi billion or trillion Naira business in Nigeria. A lot of scammers trade on it and billions if not trillions would have been stolen from the unsuspected Nigerians who are desperate to save their loved ones. It is a cartel full of most ugly characters in the world.

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For those of us seeking a pound of flesh from Senator Ike Ekweremmadu’s travails pray that you do not have a kidney, heart or liver problem as you go through the journey of life. Pray to God that your Children or brothers and sisters do not witness such Medical issues.

We had an experience in my family two years ago. Our brother’s son had a Kidney failure. He was a just 50 yrs old. He was the only son and married with kids. The family did not want him to die. We started making Enquiries about Kidney transplant. The family was linked to somebody from our town who had similar experience and got a kidney transplant. We started talking . Money started exchanging hands.Visas for the trip to India were secured for the facilitator , the donor, and our brother.

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We paid all the bills: a huge amount for going and return tickets, hospital bills, Hotel bills , drugs ,feeding etc. The donor even told us his parents cannot pay their rents. We paid . He also asked money to drop some money for the parents and we desperately paid. They travelled to India and got to the hospital. The worst began to happen. Suddenly the donor disappeared, the facilitator who was extorting money from us left and abandoned our brother in India and returned to Nigeria when the donor disappeared .

The sick was left alone. The money we gave him was stolen and he became stranded in India. I cannot recall what the family did to bring the man home. Eventually he died three weeks after his return. We were scammed. The donor just wanted to get out of Nigeria to find his way. The facilitator planned to get a lot of money from us and when it did not come as expected he abandoned our dying brother in India and returned to Nigeria.

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There are thousands of Nigerians in this ugly and very dangerous business. It is big industry and criminals are neck deep into the business. Families have been scammed and duped millions without nothing to show for it.

You cannot blame anybody who want a dying family member to live. I sympathize with Senator Ekweremmadu.

He wants his Son or daughter to live even at all cost. May you never see what we saw in the family. May you not witness kidney failure, liver issues or heart problems. Please encourage Senator Ike Ekweremmadu, his wife and the family. This is not the time for political vendetta.

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

BSc Agric Science

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