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OPINION: Diary Of A Failing Nation (A MUST READ)

Nigeria is on the precipice of a failed state. Everything seems to be working against the country. Her foundation is shaky. Things are falling apart. The centre can no longer hold. If the current situation of the country is anything to go by, it is safe to declare the nation as a failing nation.

First, I would love to address many issues battling the nation. One of them is the obstruction of duty being hinged under the charge of getting citizens register for PVCs. Left to me, I don’t buy into this idea of declaring work-free days which ranges from two to three, even in some states, four days, for the registration and collection of the Permanent Voter’s Card, when we still wallow in the distressful events of banditry, terrorism, economic mishap and other vices happening throughout the country.

The unfortunate event of ASUU strike is still there, which has continued to linger since five months ago without the government offering lasting solutions to it. This has not spurred our state governors to launch any meaningful intervention, since education is on the concurrent legislative list. The nonchalance they pay towards the matter is palpable.

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The incessant hike in the prices of consumer goods, such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and gas prices is yet another issue which has not received enough attention from state governors. As of today, the exchange rate of dollars to Naira at the forex market is mind troubling. And this has negatively affected the purchasing power of Naira. What seems to arouse their interest are the activities surrounding the 2023 elections. What a country we all found ourselves!

The level of religious intolerance, which has claimed so many lives, is another challenge which has not gained the attention of these states actors. They have lent a deafening ear to some atrocious events emanating from it. This, to them, has nothing to do with their interest, so far, it has not affected people who are so dear to them.

In yet another news, information getting to me today, has it that some gun men, who are reported to be bandit-terrorists, claimed three lives of the gallant officers from the Nigerian Army, who were ambushed along Bwari campus of the Nigerian Law School, after a distress call was placed to them on the suspicion of a planned attack on the Campus. These gallant officers suffered a woeful death in the hands of these dare-devil terrorists. Till now nothing has been done.

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Having witnessed all these unfortunate events happening throughout the country, the only solidarity our dear governors could happily offer is in cornering opportunities for themselves and not the electorates -on whose mandate they got to this coveted seats of power. It saddens me to even pen down this heartbreaking piece.

For our NLC people, their own matter will be dealt with in another piece, as it took them donkey years to declare a solidarity protest in support of ASUU, who has since February been on strike.

Our Political Institutions have failed us, as there is no single system that works in today’s Nigeria. Where have we gotten it wrong? Is it from the old generations who do not want to leave the corridor of power? Or from the lazy youths who allow themselves to be used to unleash mayhem across the nation? If today is not about Kidnappers; it would definitely be about Fulani Herdmen.

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The level of the insecurity around the country is another thing one cannot write home about. This has placed Nigeria on the red list on the International community as one of the most unsuitable places to live, to visit or even dream of having anything to do with.

As we’re just in the second half of the year, the record has shown that, no fewer than a thousand souls have been lost due to the improper handling of the nation’s security architecture. Admist all this our so called President Gen Muhammad Buhari still travelled to Libera to give speech on Insecurity. Is this not Mockery? Nigeria is burning with the issue if insecurity, Buhari still travelled to Libera. 

In the health sector, what we have there is a mishmash of dilapidated monument, under-equiped medical facilities and ill-trained medical personnels. Owing to this, many souls have been lost to this ineptitude; and many others are still bearing brunts of the failed system.

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Economically, the nation is unstable. Educationally, our country is unbalanced. Medically, our nation is unfit. The country is physically challenged in terms of security. Virtually everything has collapsed here. We are near becoming a failed state.

Conclusively, the present state of our failing nation should by all indications be of a great concern to all the citizens. Nobody should try to play the blame-game on anyone. The dwindling state of governance can not be said to be a present problem, as this has over the years, been the order of events, since return to Democracy in 1999.

The level of corrupt practices in the bureaucratic and political space has reached its peak. Flowing from the ongoing, it’s axiomatic to say that, the crop of bad leadership in succession has greatly affected the success and progress of this country. The upsurge in prices of commodities; the high rate of kidnapping; the ungoing wanton killing of innocent lives; among many other atrocious events, are fast becoming the order of the day.

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If care is not taken, the country may be plunged into a serious crisis in years to come. I urge the government to, at least for once, try all within her capacity to return sanity to the country.


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Written by Ruth Semilore

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