Two Ukrainian Soldiers’ Leg Work Dance Video Goes Viral(SEE VIDEO) 

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Two Ukranian soldiers have sent social media into a frenzy and funny mood after their recorded display in an uncompleted building which was shared on TikTok.

In a viral video shared by @maverickkk78 on TikTok, the soldiers reportedly from Ukraine rocked full military wear and held guns as they danced to Nooran Sisters drill remix produced by Philemon.

The short clip has garnered over 22 million views with some Nigerians wondering why the military men would be dancing at what is believed to be a war front.

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Pumpkin said: “Y’all got to understand these people are 18-19 some even 17. They are still untested in the things we are. They are the same age as us.”

@Threyo223 said: “Bro pressed the emote button in the middle of a war.”

@Marcojuncu18 said: “Imagine your in the year 2389 and your history teacher says he’s gonna teach you about the war between Russia and Ukraine and this pops up in the book.”

@Trevor.cicco: History books: “ troops dancing to get their mind off of things

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