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Oyinbo Man Finds His Missing iPhone in Nigeria, Shares Evidence and Location

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Ankrah Shalom An oyinbo man identified as Darren has shared his experience on Twitter, one month after losing his mobile phone.

According to Darren, he lost his phone one month ago but still desired to know the whereabouts of the mobile After about one month, he was able to get back to his iCloud and he discovered that the phone was in Nigeria.

Weeks passed and the curious man was finally able to get back into his iCloud account where he found out the current location of the phone. 

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Darren shared a screenshot that confirmed the phone had been taken to Edo state, Nigeria. He however had no idea how it got to the country. 

“Lost my phone in town like a month ago, just got back into my iCloud to find out it’s went on holiday to Nigeria”, Darren said.


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Written by Ruth Semilore

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