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Patrick Obahiagbon Says there are 3 PDP Politicians Contesting For Presidency From 3 Different Parties

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PATRICK Obahiagbon in an interview with Arise News said  that there are three PDP politicians contesting for the president of Nigeria from three different parties. He said that these three candidates were once in the same political party and with the same ambition.

He said that the 2023 presidential election has made them split in different ways, today, they are contesting with three different political parties which in return wouldn’t favour them in their various endeavors. He said that Nigerians knew them as the same politicians from the same political party, and this will make the PDP votes be splitted into three.

He also boldly said that the presidential race is only between the APC and the PDP, other parties have no chance of winning the 2023 presidential election. He also claimed that the corruption during the regime of the PDP is much more than the one today in the APC regime.

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When he was asked about insecurity problems in Nigeria, he said that the government of APC has tried in the aspect of insecurity and it is left for the Nigerian citizen to play their part in securing themselves.


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