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Personal Experience: How Hackers Plan To Hack My Phone Number To Commit Fraud In My Name – Adesoji OMOSEBI


By Adesoji OMOSEBI

This is for your urgent information about a new trend to hack your phone number to commit atrocities on your behalf.

* Someone will call you and tell you about WhatsApp group you belonged. They will tell you they have a presentation and you are invited.

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My Personal Experience:

Someone called me about two weeks ago with 08148342397 and asked if I have been invited to a Seminar that is holding in the next few hours. I told him I was not aware of it. He said I can still make it, he has already sent a code as a text message to my phone, I should check it and accept to register.

I asked where is the seminar taking place? He said it is taking place in Ondo Town, I lied to him that I was already in Ondo. He said okay I can still make it because four governors are already on seat. I suspected a foul play.

As a Journalist, my instinct told me, if such a high powered seminar is going on in any part of Southwest, I should have known, although I may not be invited.

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It was at this juncture I remembered a friend whose phone number was hacked a few weeks ago who told me the process the hackers took him through before his line was hacked. What he said was similar to what I experienced on two occasions.

These scammers and hackers may call you telling you the group you already belonged to on WhatsApp. Ignore them they are hackers. Once your number is stolen they will use it to commit frauds in your name that would make you a guest to the police or EFCC.

They will send a code like this as they did to me: “Your WhatsApp code: 260-131
You can also tap on this link to verify your phone:
If you accept it your phone number is gone.

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They will call you to accept it, if you do, any fraud committed on that number is done on your behalf.

One hacker called me with this number 08148342397 just now with a similar code above.

I just told him when will you repent? He said he doesn’t know what am talking about. I told him ” You want to hack my number? ” He cut off.

Don’t fall victim.

There is a solution to this menace if you can take out two minutes out of your precious time to go through the following process;

Kindly complete the following exercise in few minutes to prevent your phone numbers from being hacked by hackers to commit fraud on your behalf.

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Fraudsters are on the prowl lately:


In order to prevent hackers from taking control of your WhatsApp account, please follow this step:

Go to Settings on your WhatsApp,

Click on Account,

Click on Two-step verification,

Enter a pin you can remember

Input your email address

And save, that’s all.

If anyone wants to change it, WhatsApp will ask for the Two-step verification and without it, the account won’t open.

I have already done mine. My phone number is safe from scammers.

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 October 9, 2019

Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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