REPORTER’S DIARY: Eyewitness account outside courtroom in Osogbo in Timothy Adegoke’s murder case by Adesoji OMOSEBI (THE UNTOLD STORY+VIDEO)

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Everyone was eager to witness the murder case involving Dr Rahman Adedoyin and Timothy Adegoke’ who was allegedly murdered at the Hilton Hotels, Ile-Ife, Osun State on November 6, 2021.

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Timothy was an MBA-EXECUTIVE student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife while Adedoyin is the owner of the hotel where Timothy died.

The case was struck out at Abuja High Court at the instance of Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) who requested that the case be transfered to Osun State where crime was allegedly committed.

The first hearing of the case in Osun came up on Thursday, March 3, 2022 at the Osun State High Court (1).

I and my colleague got to the Court about 9.20am.  

Our first sign about the celebrated case was the unusual crowd at the entrance of the first gate leading to the court. Someone told me that about four people were arrested with cutlasses and other dangerous weapons by the Police.  I wouldn’t know how true it was but what I witnessed was heavy security men armed to the teeth within and outside the Court.

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When I got to the gate, two Policemen told me to identify myself which I did.  About three steps after passing the first hurdle while trying to pass through the gate another gun wielded Policeman searched me to confirm if truly I was a Journalist.

“Officer, I am a Journalist,” I told him.

Police: I don’t know if you are armed, let me see you ID Card.

SOJ:  This is it Oga, I am not armed.

Police:  How would I know!

I saw the Deputy Commissioner of Police and other high ranking Police Officers at strategic places in the Court. 

The Police were all polite in their approach.

When I got to Court One, there are two hurdles manned by stern looking Mobile Policemen.

I saw some of my colleagues at a corner, no one told me the first and the second gate is a no go area’, I joined my colleagues.

It was understandable that there was no way we would be allowed in because the courtroom cannot contain the mammoth crowd outside the courtroom. Few who came very early were allowed in.

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I strolled around the premises of the court to see another world where suspected criminals and victims slugged it out in different courtrooms.

I saw two gangs of suspected criminals going in and out of courtrooms with chains in their legs, although I was unable to confirm the offences to which they were charged.

After waiting till about 11.30am, the court rose and you can imagine how Journalists were struggling to catch a glimpse of the Prime Suspect at the entrance of the courtroom with their cameras.

We were all waiting to see Adedoyin. While waiting, one of the lawyers came out into the waiting hands of Journalists to know what transpired in the courtroom.

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I saw Adedoyin from where I stood sitting down. He wore a white cap with ‘Jalamiya’ (Apologies if my spelling is wrong). I was with my other colleagues with the Lawyer when a signal came from the back that Adedoyin and other six suspects have been secretly whisked away trough the back door.

My interest in interviewing the lawyer was not as important as seeing the suspects. I and others ran to the back of the courtroom only to see that the Adedoyin and others are already in a white Hulmer Bus with heavy security guards ever seen guarding the suspected criminals.

My mind flashed back to the two gangs of suspects I saw earlier with chains in their legs. This question came to my mind, if we now have two categories of suspects in Nigeria ‘The Executive and ordinary suspected criminals’. 

And my faith in the entity called Nigeria waned.

Through to my thoughts, I saw the immediate elder brother of Timothy Adegoke, Mr Gbade Adegoke lamenting, wailing and cursing all those who conspired to suppress justice against his brother’s case. He queried why the Police decided to treat suspected criminals like Kings.

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It was then we started hearing that the Police at the back had seized a camera belonging to Journalist who wanted to take the picture of ‘the Executive suspect’, Adedoyin.

There was confusion as the Policemen guarding the bus tried to scare people away.  

The kind of security guards in the escorts at the front and the back was more of when a Governor or an important dignitary are being guided.

The convoy of the ‘Executive suspects’ zoomed off to Ilesha Prison where the Judge had earlier ruled they should be remanded till the next hearing.

Suddenly, two groups emerged, one group for Dr Rahman Adedoyin while the other group is the family of Timothy Oludare Adegoke threatening and cursing each others.  

This is Nigeria for you. 

At a time, I had to call a furious lady who I thought was a sister to Timothy to retreat and not go out with Adedoyin loyalists threatening to deal with her outside the gate.

Please watch this video to the end and see what is left of our country Nigeria courtesy Oriyomi HAMZAT.

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It was an unforgettable scenes:



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