Security men bundled man out of plane for shouting “Tinubu Cannot Be Sworn-in” (WATCH EMBARASING VIDEO)

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A man identified as Okafor Ibe from Anambra State suspected to be a member of Proscribed IPOB disrupted Lagos bound IBOM AIR in Abuja on Friday with a shout inside the plane, “Tinubu cannot be Sworn-in.”. At that point passengers begin to complain that he cannot go to Lagos with them.


Security personnel asked him to step out but refused, he was bundled out of the plane before the plane could take-off.


The man was heard shouting ‘Obidient’ on top of his voice while being smuggled out of the plane by close to six security men.


A man wrote in his Official Twitter Page,  “@cbngov_akin1

This just happened today (Friday, March 31, 2023). A passenger that @PeterObi collected his brain entered the plane going from Abuja to Lagos on Ibom Air this evening. He stood there in the middle of the plane and raised his voice saying… all are sitting here and Tinubu is about to be Sworn-in in as the President. He said lai lai, Tinubu must never be Sworn-in in. He must never be President etc Security men had to be called into the plane to bundle him off o! Plane that was meant to leave around 6pm of 7pm they were still on the ground o! Wonders shall never end in this Nigeria.”




VIDEO:. TheCable


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