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See how mother sends her baby to British army in stampede to escape Talibans (NO RELIGION IS SPARED)

Since last Sunday when the Talibans staged a comeback to Afghanistan in a country that is denominated by Islam, no one is spared.

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They have started killing people openly including women that we cannot publish because of the gory sights.

The experience the Afghans had before United States forced them out 20 years ago forced men, women and children to make any possible escape including clinging to a moving aircraft to get out of the country anyhow.

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For those in support of BokoHarams rehabilitation because they are in the same religion, they need to see that the Talibans do not spare anyone.  You will begin to wonder if it is a crime for God to have created us considering the perpetrations of ‘man inhumanity to man’ going on in Nigeria and around the globe.

This could happen in Nigeria if our leaders do not manage the issues of the surrendering of BokoHarams with wisdom.

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BBC News – Afghanistan: Child handed over Kabul airport wall as chaos continues

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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