See Reasons Why Igbo Can’t Be President In Present Nigeria

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THE Senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has stated that the only means for any Igbo person in Nigeria to emerge as president is until the country’s ethnic nationalities go their different ways.

According to the popular pastor, the workings of the country since its amalgamation has not been favourable to the Igbo, hence the need for Nigeria to be recreated in order for them achieve their potential politically.

Giwa, who stated this on Monday, emphasized ahead of 2023, the youths must be strategic in how they will participate in the process.

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“During the amalgamation of Nigeria, the Igbo people were pushed aside and this is the reason Nigeria needs to be recreated physically and spiritually.

“For an Igbo man to become a president in Nigeria, Nigeria has to disintegrate. You will observe that they recorded the lowest figures during the just concluded voters’ registration. They intentionally made it that way.

“If the youths want to go beyond APC and PDP in 2023, they have to start from the unit level. When you look at the politics of Nigeria, it starts from the unit, ward, local government and the State level. Do they have any presence at the unit, ward, local government and State levels?

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“So they must start from the unit level and which political party are they representing? Which political party are they going to vote for? Are they going for the Labour Party? A man who was part of the PDP? A man who was part of different political parties before he jumped to the Labour Party?

“They (youths) have to start from the unit, ward, local government and State levels. Either we like it or not, the only two recognized political parties are the PDP and APC.”

He added that

“Also, Peter Obi cannot be the presidential candidate for the youths. They should pick a formidable candidate among themselves, but it is late now.

“Peter Obi cannot be the representative of the youth. He was part of the PDP, a running mate to Atiku Abubakar.”

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