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SPECIAL EDITION: HOW Azikiwe backstabbed Awolowo, sold Nigeria to Fulanis (CONCLUSION) (A MUST READ HISTORY+VIDEO FROM THE ARCHIVE) by Adesoji Omosebi

A nation that is bereft of history is bound to grope in the dark like Nigeria is gropping in darkness today.

Unknown to sons and daughters that made up the entity called Nigeria today, our complexities of problems emanated from our forefathers, who, for the sake of greed, self and ethnic interest sold out our birthrights for a plate of pottage and their children’s children are now paying the price of what they knew nothing about.
SOJ WORLDWIDE http://(  went into the archives to bring out the foundation of our predicaments for all of us who are not privy to the historical backgrounds of our problems.

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If our forefathers had known that their political schemings, manipulations will put their unborn generations into these bloodbaths, may be, they would have had a rethink..

Some of us were told about the history of cat and mouse friendships between Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe but we never knew to what extent.

It is indeed very instructive present political gladiators think twice about what they do today because it will become history tomorrow.

Think of what you are sowing today because of your unborn generations.
Here is the affirmation of how we became slaves in our fatherland.

Enjoy the full story: 

The Concluding Part (2):

Whilst the Action Group (AG) team was waiting in Asaba for a meeting with Nnamdi Azikiwe and the NCNC had gone up north and clinched the deal with Ahmadu Bello on forming a coalition government with the NPC.

Tafawa Balewa, a Fulani, would be the Prime Minister of Nigeria while Zik would be the figurehead Governor-General.

Even the President of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah was shocked.

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He asked Zik why having spent so much energy fighting for colonial emancipation and then settling for a toothless bulldog role when Nigeria needed him that most.

Zik wrote in his autobiography why he did not form a coalition government with Awolowo,

In 1947, with over £13,500 raised from the Yoruba people, given to NCNC,

Zik had led other six prominent NCNC delegates to London to protect the “obnoxious laws”of governor Arthur Richards.

The trip ended in failure with backbiting, abuses and accusation of theft against zik.

Zik opponents at the NCNC accused him of squandering the money and the trust of Nigeria’s.

Zik replied insinuating that the Yoruba on the team are responsible, thay are: Mrs.
Funmilola Ransom-Kuti, Prince Adeleke Adedoyin and Dr.Olorunnimbe. They are the problem.

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There erupted a heated and prolonged press war between Zik’s political reminiscence in his West African Pilot and H.O.Davies Political Panorama in the Daily Service.

This led to Igbo in Lagos rushing to buy machetes in large numbers thinking a tribal war was imminent.

The governor and his General Secretary, Hugh foot, quickly called Zik and H.O.Davies to order at the Government House.

Zik went away with the resolve that “the Yoruba must not be allowed to rule over other in Nigeria.”

And afterwords in the Daily Service published the speech of Zik in 1949 about Igbo been destined by God to conquer and rule over others.

This among others, will explain why zik rejected Awolowo’s offer of a Coalition Government in 1959 and instead worked with the Fulani.


The fulani had been reading Zik and the Igbo through the lens of his 1949 speech ever since.

The Fulani way of neutralising Zik when the opportunity came 1959 was to offer him a powerless post which surprisingly Zik and the NCNC dutifully accepted in place of being Nigeria first Prime Minister.

Zik has thought that the Igbo can easily manipulate the Fulani in place of the educated Yoruba.

He thus manipulated Balewa to arrest Awolowo in 1962 and to have him jailed for 20 years in 1963.

Zik also manipulated Balewa to remove from the Western Region the Edo, Urhobo, Itsekiri and Western Ijaw that account for 70%of the oil wealth in Nigeria and created for them the Mid-Western Region.

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Zik’s hatred for the Yoruba gave the Fulani the impetus to rule over other in Nigeria.

The Igbo coup plotters tried to undo Zik’s mistake in 1966.

And unfortunately they killed other Ethic group leaders and left theirs, which resulted in the civil war.

Britain did not really hand over Nigeria to the Fulani.

Nigeria was given over to Fulani by the Igbo .

However to hold on to power in Nigeria, the Fulani enlisted the backing of the self serving career politicians in England.

Not many Igbo especially the young ones know this narrative.

I don’t think the Yoruba, even their elders remember this.

Has the leopard charged it’s spots? No.

The Igbo people have always voted for the Fulani since 1959 and continues to do so.

Thanks for listening.

Who handed over Nigeria to the Fulani????



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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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