THESE men of the APC are credible, tested and would deliver, I speak as an Oracle by Obi OJAGE

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WE shall fight against the imposition of charlatans as Governor of Cross River State on the platform of the All Progressiced Congress (APC) no matter who brings them. We’ve worked to keep this state politically viable right from the days of the military. We shall not allow it to be destroyed further. Nobody should reap where he or she has not sowed. Nature abhors it. So do we. And the Lord is on our side on this. And we shall continuously invoke its authority in defense of truth and the entrenchments of an egalitarian society where state resources, amenities and services get to those unprivileged and vulnerable ones who need them the most. And not only to a few individuals men or women based on class stratification or their circumstances of birth anchored on nepotism, opportunism, sectionalism, tribalism or on concave fraternity.

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I HAVE been an APC member by faith since 2015 from the PDP. So with many of us old members of the APC in the state from those the governor brought with him to join us recently. Including the yesterday’s joiners who have sneaked in as renegades from the rival party in readiness to play the onerous role of tomorrow’s spoilers in favour of the losers, being their work in trade.

And since then I have chosen my part the way I think politics should be played which is to enhance and support the truth for sustainable development.

AND in furtherance to that end, I have been an ardent defender of the leader of the party whose antecedents I have known by his reputation as a selfless and a none materialistic military general who became Nigerian Head of State by Providence from a coup d’etat which he didn’t participate but became a beneficiary far then when I was a cub reporter with the Ministry of Information, field Publicity Unit, Calabar, who is the current President of Nigeria in the person of President Mohammadu Buhari.

I use my platform, time and resources on social media and other mediums here and abroad under the pen name “Obi Ojage”, to promote the policies and programs of both the party and government generally. And I do so thanklessly. Who are you? What have you done for APC? But for the appointment you’ve enjoyed from which you allegedly stole what was entrusted in your care for development purposes which you now flaunt around, what contributions else have you made?

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SHOW me what you’ve done apart from running in and out of Abuja from Calabar to tell lies to gain undue favours. Tell me. And show us? Very soon this present crop of leaders shall go with the “wind” no matter how much they try to have a favourable replacement to cover their thieving tracks in their various states, the Lord’s army shall bring them to judgement. That’s for sure, be rest assured. Nigeria is getting there.

POLITICS has thrown up very many fake people. And all they do is to take advantage of the corrupt system prevailing to backbite or blackmail those who are genuine and are in readiness where they’re positioned to contribute their best in the system. They do so against these lots to curry favour from their kind unduly. Time shall sort them out with time.

WHEN we were fighting the military regimes of Sani Abacha then, especially those military Governors posted to the State for one thing or the other for which we were sent to detention variously. And Biro pens together with realms of papers were given to military men with guns together with men of the SSS to bring them to me in my small office then at Eagerly Road, Calabar, by the then military Governor of the State rtd. Air Commandor Gregory Agbonene urging me to continue writing to remove him from office as Governor of the state then. Where was the likes of these buffoons or those today’s sudden millionaires and their surrogates who wants to see thinkers and true “Cross Bearers” like me put asunder in the name of politics of “Chera’-Waray”?

TO get Cross River into a prosperous State like those of Ebonyi and other states in Nigeria that have recorded sudden and rapid Development all round, we do not have to encourage or accommodate a candidate for governor who poss as another Local champion eagerly looking for avenues where he can become another Alhaji Dangote or Bill Gate in sudden wealth acquired from the lean resources of the State.

CROSS River needs somebody who is satisfied with what he has attained in life and is ready to serve the people of the state with all his might and the Lords given talents in him. And one who would stamp his leg down and insist that whoever has mismanaged or embezzled the states funds should be made to account for it. And insist on that. That’s the only way to get Cross River working again. Apart from that, nothing would change.

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WW will be moving in circles. Recycling rugs and supper men in graft; into government house to be in charge of our treasury. And holding the keys to our destinies and that of our children now in schools and those yet unborn. Is that what you want? Or should that be your present need in this time of global clamour for rectitudness?

AND this could only be avoided upon one who himself does aspires but would not want to be engaged in primitive enrichment from the States funds meant for its development. And we sure have such persons in the both party’s of APC and PDP. Except, unfortunately, that those showing up loudly are predominantly persons who have traces of another late Sanny Abacha in their disposition and demeanor.

THE trunk-cards many of those vying to be Governors are playing up for acceptance by the incumbent as their credentials-in-chief unfortunately, is no other than their willingness to cover-up the evil activities of their predecessors in office, perchance they win the elections. This is to guarantee the freedom of the outgoing governors from any blame on their exit thereto. While they themselves who are now the headship will now prepare to open up their own Pandora page in corrupt enrichments and the embezzlement of our common patrimonies. And the circle continues unabated. These are those we must stop. If indeed we want a progressive Cross River as of necessity for all the Lord has endowed on this blessed state of ours.

I HAVE been a news reporter for the past 40 years. Twice as Editor of two National newspapers at different times. Freelance columnist for magazines and newspapers here and abroad.

Once as a member of the Board of Directors of the largest radio station in Africa, the Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria, (FRCN) Abuja. I was given that appointment on merit by the former president of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, in the year of the Lord 2000. I know exactly what I am talking about here.

TIME would judge all of us in time. Those who think they’re fighting me out of my political strives in APC are waisting their bloody time. I am a smoke. I build on truth. I am still in politics to achieve a purpose. And it will be achieved. I do not want to run faster than the pace set for me by the Lord my redeemer. Those I see running so fast do so as a mirage. What is mine cannot be taken by you, try hard as you can; be you who.

These persons came to meet me in APC. They’re inconsequential as far as my ambition is concern. They can take over whatever structures there is in the party. And share the state money amongst themselves for all I care. The end shall justify the means. Those who fear or despise intelligent and hardworking people are doomed.

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IN my party, the APC, I am fully in support of the pairs of Senator (Prince) Bassey Otu for Governor with Senator John Owan Enoh as running mate. Especially now that the state Governor Prof. Ben Ayade in his wisdom is rooting for a governor and successor from the South. We’re giving him “Sweet Prince and Able Joe”. Those are the pair capable of wining the original CATERPILLAR of the state PDP behind whom, as we hear, political juggernauts of no mean declaration, are lined up in his support with very few dissenting voices like that of former Governor Liyel Imoke who are stoutly against.

ESPECIALLY if he (Senator Onor) is to pair with the Rt. Hon. (Pastor) Essien Ekpenyong Ayi of the PDP. Who is as of today, the longest serving member of the National Assembly from Cross River. That is if Senator (Prof.) Sandy Onor gets the ticket of the opposition PDP in the state. I am an Oracle. I say only the truth before the Holy Spirit, I hide not. And I lie not.

THESE gentlemen Senators, both Prince and John have both been Chairmen of no mean committees of the Senate other than the Almighty “Finance and Appropriation” committees of the Nigerian Senate all from Cross River. Each at one time. They made their wealth of whatever they’re worth in cash from the Senate and not from security votes or outright stealing of state funds as most Nigerian governors allegedly do. The both men have the requisite knowledge acquired through their over sites functions over governments functionaries under its activities as it were. They both are intelligent and have the connections and international reach to attract foreign partnership to the state for investment. And would have to complete what the current government may have to leave behind because of time constraints to exit on May 29th next year, 2023.

PRINCE Bassey Otu and John Owan Enoh are both kind and generous men known all over the state. With huge following especially amongst the old APC members in case of open direct voting. You can’t say you want to be governor of the state when you’re a miser and greedy with your finances. Go to the houses of these two gentlemen Senators whenever they’re around Calabar and witness for yourself the mammon crowd of dependants. It is unprecedented. I hope the Governor Ben Ayade listens to me once and see how it goes. I sincerely love our Governor. He is enthroned by the Lord of Host. And he is a very lively man who appears to have no problems going along with people. And he is one who exudes intelligence. I wonder why the indifference when it come to “Obi Ojage”.

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He should listen to some of us too.

A lot of people drew many wrong opinion and conclusion about me before they ever meet with me. And whenever they do, the exclaim and remain glued thereafter.*

WHAT else are we looking for? The both men have held forth on the party from inception to date and never for ones threaten to defect even when the party’s fortune plummeted to insignificant due to the incursions from rival concerns to create division amongst the stakeholders and supporters. They were state fast and kept the faith by reaching out to their APC supporters from Abuja with handouts of cash to assuage the tide. Tell me.. And you say they do not matter? Or the party would bypass their consents? Haba…?

PRINCE Otu’s candidacy would reduce détente from the entrenched rift that has engulfed APC in Cross River except that most gladiators under heavy pretention have quietly return to their individual trenches since the coming into the party recently of the Governor Ben Ayade.

THEY’VE all stayed disguised in compliant unwittingly to watch the turn of events in the unfolding drama within the party in the state, the outcome of which may never be rancorous however. That is if only Prince Otu is allowed to immerge as Governorship candidate of the party from the South; done so on merit. They’ll be calm. Once bitten twice shy.

I HAVE never been given a Kobo to say “thank you” either from the State Government or Governor. Nor the party, either state or National for all the efforts I put in propagating our collective dream as a party.

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ALL I get in its stead are conspiracies, left right and centre in the same party. People busy fighting to scuttle my genuine ambition sort on merit as a member of APC from Cross River

“You do good, you do for yourself. You do bad, you equally do so for yourself”. Time shall prove us right or wrong in time. I am not a desperate man. I earn what I get deservedly. I chose my fight. Its totally unnecessary to engage in a fight with a noise maker of a man you know he knows you can beat him. That’s stupidity. And I am not a stupid person as you can see.

I AM known to support anything good and glorious. I supported the former Governor of the State from political obscurity from whence he came, Mr. Donald Etim Duke to the end against those who felt then that the state was in their pockets to do as they chose. And we got victory. We’re small Axe’s fully ready to cut down big Iroko trees, the Lord being on our side. I have never been seen or known to support anything bad. Or go against anything good. I am working for my incarnation. But if you want to live truly happy inside, treat me good on the staircase of life if perchance we happen to meet. I am a friend in need. I do not betray trust. That’s your chance to stay happy forever. Take a chance on me.


MEANWHILE, don’t you forget that I, Comrade Obi Offiong Ojage is the best choice for the position of National Publicity Secretary of our great party APC, from the South South zone with track record of performance in that field. Doggedly proven with lrazzmatazz, if the party truly rewards loyalty. And not given to sycophants and lier’s but those with something to show like myself. I didn’t just come. I have been on this lane for years writing to prove myself worthy of acceptance as the right person for the job of National Publicity Secretary. Now the position has offered itself. It can’t just be only those from the West or Middle Belttans who should always occupy such positions. We from the South South zone deserve it too. This is why I have come.

AND as one who has sacrificed so much thanklessly, using my time and resources in propagating the party and in defense of President Mohammadu Buhari who is the leader of the party from dissident groups and those sponsored as Jobs-men to smear his hard earned reputation under the guise of opposition. Done for purposes of bringing down the government under his leadership. And I have been consistent in my defense. My works are all there in the public domain as a true party man. Talk is cheap!

“End Time Message”.




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