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THUNDERSTORM: Herdsmen Flee With Their Cows From Osun For Fear Of Further Loss Of More Cows


Fear has gripped Herdsmen in Yorubaland after the thunderstorms killed over 50 cows in Ondo State and 17 cows over the weekend in the State of Osun.

As a result of the calamities over their source of their livelihood, they have started moving their cows out of Osun in droves since early Sunday morning.

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Thousands of cows were seen being moved out along Iwo-Osogbo road around 12:15am on Sunday morning, following a natural disaster at Iba, in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Osun State, in which thunder killed 17 cows.

The movement of the herds of cows caused serious panic along the highway, as motorists scampered for safety for fear of being attacked by herdsmen.

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Our Correspondent took courage to speak with one of the herdsmen, who simply identified himself as Haruna. He confirmed that there was a resolution among herdsmen in the state to move their cows to a safer place.

He said : ” We are going home. We want to keep our cows in a safer place. This environment is no longer safe for us and our cows. We don’t really understand what is happening in Yoruba land.

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“It happened in Ondo recently, in which our brothers in that state lost many cows to thunderstorms. The same thing is happening here in Osun, where our forefathers have lived for centuries without such an occurrence.

“These people are using spiritual power to kill our cows; killing our cows is tantamount to killing our future. You keep your money in the banks, don’t you? the cows remain our bank, so, any calamity that befalls the cows directly affect our future”.

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Asking him about their destination and any possibility of returning to their base, Haruna reacted this way: ” Why are you asking me such question, are you a cattle rustler? We don’t disclose our destination to strangers. You are even making me angry “. (c) November 24, 2019

Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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