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Who murdered Mrs. Grace Enyi in her home? (READ BACKGROUND STORY! BIG JOB FOR THE POLICE TO UNRAVEL)

The story below was originally posted on the Facebook Page of Ugama Steve shared by Noble Arthur in order to get Justice for the woman who was murdered in her cold blood.

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As part of SOJ WORLDWIDE ONLINE NEWS, Social Responsibility, we share same story to entire world for Justice to prevail.


This is the wife of Barrister Shedrack Enyi. The events that led to her untimely death is one of the most painful and devastating story ever told.

Her husband as a lawyer manages a three story building here in Abakaliki. One of the tenants (a woman) in the building started poultry farm in the compound as against the tenancy agreement her husband who is an inspector of police signed when they rented the flat. This constituted nuisance due to bad smells it zoos out. This made other tenants to complain severely about it.

Her husband who manages the house called a meeting of all the tenants and it was unanimously agreed that she should shift the pen house for her poultry to another section of the compound so that the smells will stop disturbing co-tenants. The woman accepted the decision reached at the meeting but unknown to the lawyer, she was aggrieved by the order to move the poultry house.

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Three days later he was in the compound to sort out the problem they had with their borehole. While there, he got a call from a police officer from the central police station (CPS) that a complaint was made against him by the woman who owns the poultry house. He drove to the station, he was made to write statement and later granted bail after the police exhorted 10k from him upon threats to deal with him by DPO and the IPO for daring to mess with the wife of a police man.

He requested to be given a date for interview when the woman will be around but the police refused, instead they told him he be contacted. Three days later he was called and asked to come for interview. A meeting was fixed by 2pm. He got their some minutes before 2pm and met the IPO who told him to wait for him to pick something across the road. He waited till past 3pm, called the IPO who kept saying he was coming. This dragged on until past 5pm in the evening when he had to go to the DPO office to see him. He shouted him and ordered him out of his office. Vowing to use him as an example to teach other lawyers in the state a lesson.

Considering the manner the DPO and the IPO have treated him, he wrote a letter to the commissioner of police Ebonyi state for the matter to be transferred to the police headquarters. The CP granted his request immediately and he was invited to the headquarters where he equally made a statement. A call was put across by the new IPO at the headquarters to the one at CPS that he should send the case file to the headquarters.

This seemed to have gaslighted his ordeals in the hands of the DPO and the IPO. The IPO tracked him down and told him that the DPO said he should bring him to the station dead or alive. He called the headquarters and informed them what was happening, but the IPO refused to speak with the person.

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He was handcuffed and bundled into their van and taken to CPS. Immediately they got there, the DPO ordered for his detention. This was on Saturday 20th November, 2021. Every plea by him and few lawyers who heard about it and went to CPS for him to be released to them fell on deaf ears as the DPO insisted that he will be detained till Monday morning when he will charge him to court for daring to transfer the matter to the headquarter. He Slept at the station that Saturday. On Sunday 21st November, 2021 his wife, family members and friends came to the station to plead for his release, still the DPO refused.

While still in the cell, in the evening he requested that his phone be given to him to call his family, he was told that the IPO went him with his phone. He asked why the IPO would go home with the phone of suspect in custody, the officers on duty couldn’t answer. One of the officers volunteered to call the IPO to bring back his phone to enable him call his wife but this didn’t yield any fruit as he vehemently refused to return the phone.


Later that night , a lone assailant went to his house and stabbed his wife to death and took away her phone. No part of the house was broken for the assailant to gain access to the house. The central door was opened. Fix one or two together and see if there’s link between this and the fact that the IPO went home with his phone while he was in cell.

Very early on Monday 22nd November, 2021, the same DPO who had refused every plea to release him, came to the station and released again on bail. He saw his wife again at the mortuary.

The DPO and his team had gone to his house very early in the morning and moved the body to mortuary and cleaned up the scene of the murder. Not even a stain of blood was traced in the house.


NBA Ebonyi, has written a petition to the commissioner of police, Ebonyi state police command. We are demanding for justice for this woman. Her killers must not go unpunished. I call on the NBA President Mr. Olumide Akpata to step into this matter and ensure that the killers of the wife of our learned friend are brought to book.

We thank members of the press who turned out in their numbers to attend the press conference we held at the High Court premises yesterday. Help us share this until it gets the attention it deserves by the relevant authorities. Nigerian Police Forum, Nigeria Police Force, please look into this matter.

The name of the DPO is CSP Ikechukwu Okoro while the IPO is Geoffrey Aghachi. The name of the woman is Mrs. Emmanuel Lawrence.



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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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