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A Golden Opportunity (1) by Ronke APAMPA (A MUST READ TRUE STORY)


There was a time I was friends with the wife of one of the most influential figures in Africa. I met this woman through her husband who is highly revered and celebrated.

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She was old enough to be my mother so I call her “mummy”.

Mummy is soft spoken and elegant. She’s one of those women who literally “worships” her husband. I’m not sure if this is because of his position or innumerable achievements.

When I met “mummy”, we became friends instantly. From time to time she would call me to gist. Sometimes it was at odd hours and I would indulge her. I always wondered how this woman had my time considering how busy their daily activity is. Their home is like a Mecca of sorts to people seeking all kinds of favours.

To get an appointment to see Daddy is tough!!! You may be on the wait list for several weeks.

One day mummy called to tell me she booked an appointment on my behalf to see “Daddy”. This was weird because I never requested to see him. Secondly, he opened his home to me and I was free to walk in at anytime. I’ve never needed an appointment.

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She was specific with her requests. She told me to come very early in the morning dressed in the most beautiful outfit.

I felt these requests were strange but I was excited all the same. Perhaps this was the golden opportunity I have been looking for. I concluded “Mummy” wanted to surprise me with a major contract or connection. I believed God had spoken to her.

When I told my Pastor Sunday Bankole aka Pst Banks about the impending meeting, he offered to pray about it. In my mind I thought Pastor has come oh. This was a very older woman who was also a “Christian” asking me for a meeting. I didn’t think it was necessary to disturb God with prayers.

A day to my appointment, Pastor called to tell me to cancel it. He said he had a vision. He saw a golden ladder in a beautiful house. The ladder led into an underground chamber. He said different people were climbing down the ladder excitedly but never came back up. He took a peep down the hole out of curiosity and was shocked to see human skeletons and all sorts of dry body parts.

He told me that I will be made an irresistible offer. It would be so mega and life changing but will bring sorrow in the end.


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I rolled my eyes a million times as we spoke over the phone. In my mind I thought, “Pastor ti de niyen!!! He has come with “vision” gba ko subu”.

I painfully decided to cancel the meeting. This happened some years ago. Till date “Mummy” has not called to ask why I didn’t show up. I also never called to explain. It was later God decided to reveal a major secret to me. That was when I realised Pastor was right, these people are evil. (PART 2 LOADING)

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