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AFRICAN MAGIC? Another Thunderstorm Kill Cows, This Time In Osun

The thunderstorm that killed several cows in Ondo State has shifted to the State of Osun where no fewer than 17 cows were killed on Friday evening at Gaa Eleesun in Ifelodun Local Government Council Area of the State of Osun.

It was further learnt that the thunderstorm, which struck around 6:00pm, also injured many individuals in the community, causing serious apprehension.

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Speaking on the development, the leader of Gaa Eleesun community, Chief Jimoh Soliu lamented the loss of the animals.

Soliu said:

“We had just returned from pasturing when thunder started striking. We ran into the houses leaving our cows outside. But to our shock, we found 17 cows and two sheep dead outside.

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“This is devastating for us because since we have been staying in this community, this strange occurrence has never happened.”

Oba Adekunle Oyedeji went further that, with the cooperation of the Fulani Community in the town are on top of the situation, urging owners to burn the cows to avoid an epidemic.

He urged calm among indigenes and residents of the town. A statement signed by Prince Gbolagunte Bamigbola said the Fulani community had been living harmoniously with other people in the town. It reads,

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“The people of Iba, have over the years been living harmoniously with Fulani natives living in our domain. The death of the cows belonging to the Fulani cattle rearers living among us was a natural occurrence occasioned by thunder that struck in the town.

The cows were killed by thunder at Apala farm in the territory of Iba, headquarters of Ifelodun Area Office and the community with the collaboration of the leadership of the Fulani community are on top of the situation. The Eburu in Council has directed the owners of the cows to burn them to avoid epidemic in the town. The community is in peace and the people live peacefully with all non-indigenes including the Fulanis”.

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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