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CDHR Raises Alarm Over Threat To Falana’s Life By DSS, Army

The Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) has raised alarm over the safety of Human Right Activist and Lawyer, Mr Femi Falana (SAN).

in a Press Release issued and circulated to the press on Saturday has alerted Nigerians on the need to be aware of the activities of the DSS, Army and the dangers inherent in recent protests held in Abuja by a group called Movement To Save Nigeria.

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The Press Release issued in Abuja by the CDHR on Saturday explained that the protest held by the Movement To Save Nigeria was to condemn the Court Cases instituted against the Nigeria’s Security Agencies most especially the DSS and the Army as well as specific media statements made by Mr. Femi Falana ((SAN) on the failure of the Security Agencies to honour Court decision, the introduction of the hate speech bill by National Assembly and the introduction of personal identification exercise by the Military against the Nigerian Masses.

CDHR, through the Press Release, alerted Nigerians on the threat poised by the protests held by the group which named itself as Movement To Save Nigeria defending the roles and the activities of Nigeria’s Security Agencies and openly accused Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) of protecting the common interest of the Nigerian Masses.

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The Human Rights Organization lambasted the group protesting to protect the interest of the Nigeria’s Security Agencies and revealed that the group have been bought over by the Nigerian State to wage a verbal war and endanger the life of Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) and that of his family.

CDHR maintained that

“the group was hired for the purpose of defending Nigeria’s Security Agencies by the enemies of the Nigerian Masses. While we recognised that there is hunger in the land, it is detestable that there are still Nigerians available to be hired to do a dirty job”.

“CDHR, went further to note that the signs been observed in the Country at the moment was similar to what was experienced during the inglorious days of Abacha regime, where citizens were killed by State Agents because of the opinions they expressed”.

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“With the so-called Movement To Save Nigeria, we see these ominous signs coming unto the horizon, under a government that proclaims to be democratic”.

A call was made to Nigerians to subject the group called the Movement To Save Nigeria to close monitoring and demand them to publicly explain how consistent they are with their name.

CDHR urged Nigerians to ask the group how they intend to save Nigerians from the insecurity in the Country and at the same time be protecting the Security Agencies by silencing the voice of reason in which Mr. Femi Falana represents in the Country.

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The statement equally called on the leadership of the Secret Police (DSS), that of the Nigerian Police Force as well as that of the Minister or Defence to publicly dissociate themselves from the said group if they have no hand in its establishment and funding.

CDHR on the last note urged Nigerians to take the DSS, the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Police Force as well as the group been suspected to be funded by the State responsible if anything happens to Mr. Femi Falana (SAN). (c) November 24. 2019

Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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