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APC needs a Propagandist with cognate experience to function as its National Publicity Secretary by Obi OJAGE


“IF you ignore a patriot, you do so at your own peril as there is always another time.”

PATRIOTISM is no trite and has no ambiguous meaning. And in my opinion it is clear that the word entails the show of capacity to cohabit with the status quo to achieve noble ends by whoever wears its tugger. It is when one is constant in the positive show of loyalty in defense of a course based on conviction and not primarily for what the situation offers, that the word patriotism comes handy or defines itself properly. This is beside the different dictionary options which only gives narrow definitions relayed to different experiences and exposures.

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IN all modesty, I am proud to say here that I am one patriotic individual from cross river state so far who has shown great enthusiasm, character, strength and capacity in spite of the odds, by the grace of the Lord, to do what I chose out of conviction thanklessly, in my unalloyed steadfastness to the APC. This is so from when I left the PDP to join hands with other members because of the presence of President Mohammadu Buhari where I thought the sad narratives of thievery now thriving as a culture and prevailing so strong in Nigeria could be changed. 

I commenced my political journey into APC in the year of the Lord, 2015, as one coming from the South-South region.

I DID so in spite of the nominal insensitivity of the former leadership of the party at the national level headed by Comrade Adam Aliyu Oshiomole who unfortunately was supposed have insisted on identifying with those who are fervent in their commitments to the growth of the party for adequate reward rather than fictionalising it then on the basis of a narrow political interest. This would have made much sense especially for those who have not been coopted by the leadership as it were mostly in states where factions existed like in my state cross river.

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SOME of us have sacrificed all we had to the present success the party has attained so far, where only those who claimed to be well connected or so it seems including those hiding under tribal sentiments seek and get for themselves higher political appointments into positions they do not deserve as against those of us who honestly did the actual working. All these is because of the prevailing lopsidedness and discrimination on the part of its leadership at the National level who seem to have failed to allow its status to bear on the conditions of those who looked up to it for succor as the ruling party.

IN keeping with my sense of loyalty and patriotic stance, nevertheless, I have displayed an unrelenting support in my individual capacity in the propagation of the APC and in stout defense of the leader of our party and President of the country, General Mohammadu Buhari to date, all of which is in the public domain. Talk is cheap!

APART from Malam Shehu Garba and Chief Femi Adesina who are both aides of the President who write things in defense of their principal for which they are being remunerated for juicily and perhaps, the former Publicity Secretary of APC in Lagos state, Engr. Joe Ebokwe, no one in the whole of South-South region nor the South-East today, in the APC family can claim to have written more articles or anything close, stoutly; in defense of General BUHARI as myself. I do so out of conviction based on truth as I see them. And as they do occur, with precision and dept as one who know.

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I HAVE taken even the clergy of my own Catholic faith, both Bishop Mathin Hassan Kuka and Rev. Father Ejeka Mbaka, the latest being Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state and so many others too numerous to mention here, to the cleaners where I carefully debunked all they had tried with their huge following on social media to mesmerize those gullible but innocent Nigerians to join in their ignoble personal reactions towards what the current government under the able leadership of Mr. President is doing.

THE two clergymen I earlier mentioned were overly sentimental, in my view, particularly where they capitalized on the unfortunate happenings in the nation to infer all manners of unsuitable accusations on government in their personal capacity over matters which were not peculiar to Nigeria nor entirely the fault of the current government whereas they often dwelt on the present negative occurrences instead of the precipitations or what engendered it. And they so failed in being unable to offer workable solutions to the problems devoid of sentiments.

I VIRTUALLY took on Femi Fani-Kayode otherwise known as FFK to the right image of himself. I attempted to run him out of the business of abusing highly placed individuals in the country, in the name of opposition politics, on Social Media platforms, by countering his many concocted untruths against the party with “truths” applying the same vulgarity in the words I used to address his folly since we shared the same audience on Facebook where he reigned supreme.

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KAYODE is now soliciting aid from some unwary individuals in the party unfortunately to achieve his opacity and present dream of playing a politically Big for nothing, fake “Big-man-role”. How can he be allowed in a party he recently castigated crazily as if there was no tomorrow whereas he needed to have been more mindful about the odds of life that might play out as in all human experiences especially what is been expressed going by the ubiquitous rejection of his defection from PDP to the party by a preponderance of members of the APC.

MANY persons of goodwill and right-thinking including those with an evolved spirit and conscience have applauded my unrelentingly good works in standing up to countless untruths that seems to plaques the party. The numbers keep increasing by day for doing a lot in defense of Mr. President and the party’s stance over certain National issues that needed further explanation from independent sources beside the functionaries of government. From where they had expected to get more clarifications of what the current government under Buhari is doing differently from that of the past, where they had expected to get views from different perspectives without ambiguity or bias over the social media.

SO TRUE! But for me, I feel I am only telling the truth to wrong emotions in order to shame the human Devils that abound. And I hope His Excellency, the Yobe State Governor Hon. Mai Mala Buni led Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee would accord me my due for a job well done before God and Man?

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IN retrospect therefore, I wish to showcase my experience as a seasoned politician of note, tested in the areas of my professional competence and political savviness and exposure for the party office to which I now seek:


*(1) I was former Editor of Champion Newspaper of the Defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) Owned by the late sage, Pa Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory which paper was published alongside Nigerian Tribune Newspapers in Malafelafia, Ibadan with a pullout copy on a different masthead for Port Harcourt with an Editor working directly under me.*

*(2) I was also Editor-In-Chief of New Revelation Newspapers, a weekly tabloid printed at the Statesman Press alongside the “Statesman Newspaper” of the Imo State Government at Owerri, the Imo State capital.*

*(3) I was candidate to the Federal House of Representative from Calabar Municipality made up of Calabar South and Municipality proper under the defunct Social Democratic Party, (SDP).


*(4) Appointed state Publicity Secretary, Liberal Convention Party and made acting State Secretary of the party in state of Cross river.*

*(5) I was special adviser on media and publicity to Late Dr. Umaru Dikko of blessed memory and briefly as National Chairman of Grass Roots Democratic Movement, (GDM).*

*(6) Dr Dikko later formed the United Democratic Party (UDP) where I was one of its founding members in Abuja and later became State Chairman of the party in Cross River where we won two seats at the Local government level then being one of the none registered political association in the country on test run as a precondition to assess performance to be qualified for formal registration as a political party by the then (NECON) under Iate General Abacha’s regime.*

*(7) I was also one of the founding members of the PDP in Cross river together with His Excellency, Mr. Donald Etim Duke, Senator Liyel Imoke, late chief John Oyom Okpa among others where we won the state in a highly contested election devoid of any rigging against ANPP where Duke became the first elected executive Governor of the state under a properly arranged Democratic setting in which I was one of the strategic planners and in whose government I played a vital role.


*(8) I was later appointed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to serve as Member, Board of Directors of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Abuja, all of which was while I was still in the PDP.*

*(9) I have been Chairman, Publicity and Propaganda Committees to drive various political campaigns severally at state level before I took ill and went on forceful sabbatical for onward of four years consecutively in the hands of men and women of Darkness from where the Lord saved me. And now I am fully entrenched and immersed into the Christ Consciousness from which I was exhumed to become a Devotee on merit through the powers of the Lord who operates in the void as a Ghost and Holy. AMEN!*

*AND on my return back to Calabar, my base and hometown, in the year of the Lord, 2015, I joined the APC as a “Leftist” from the PDP where I was an active player all because of my interest in President Muhammadu Buhari right from time, way back as a cub reporter with the ministry of information, field publicity unit, Calabar. He was one whose leadership style of selflessness, probity, zero tolerance to corruption and embezzlement then, for a typical Nigerian, that thrilled me.*

AND this is so, coupled with the President’s humane disposition to life whom I have defended openly and still does without looking back (for one I have never met before) doing so out of conviction in my spirit; seen as an outstanding honest man who is highly misunderstood by buffoonish elements. But has the Lord’s favour in every way never imagined, in spite of efforts to eliminate him by men of Darkness who are in the minority as far as those of us encamped by the Lord’s Angels are concern.


*I CAN take on anyone in a public debate on television or elsewhere on the areas of my convictions of the spiritual content of this unassumingly exceptional human being Nigerians seem to be toying with. This is especially for those armed with Luciferous weapons engrossed in falsehood acting against “nature’s will” for this great country designed by the Lord of all creation where the man Buhari on assumption of office was supposed to have accelerated that glory doublefold. Unfortunately, men of darkness were on the saddle of its governance, hence the confusion to slow down the process ensued.*

*THE Lord’s ways are not man’s, hence the prevailing ignorance that has engulfed the land ably sustained by sorcerers and men of little faith now frozen in their true nature where darkness would precede them into a gory end.*

*FINALLY, I wish to repeat that I am seeking to contest the position of National Publicity Secretary of our great party APC solely out of patriotism and without self-aggrandizement. It is a determination which has its roots from the inside. It is equally meant to give my party my best based on my antecedents over the years proven while handling challenges of such nature and magnitude which involves reorientating of minds including that of adherents and the general public towards the ideals of a party or group to which one belongs in seeing to it that the best is given out in line with whatever obligations it has entered into – with the people or members which it has to keep as that which it holds in trust.

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*THE aspiration is so in order to forestall and inspire confidence within by providing the public the right information at the appropriate time when and necessary. And to do so professionally by engaging the services of a propagandists of which I am one. This is not just about choosing anybody but one with the right disposition and comportment devoid of insane behaviors and rancour to deliver adequately.*

*IT is for such reasons I have come.*

*LASTLY, I want to appeal to the present APC National Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee being manned ably by the National Secretary, Sen. John Akpan Udoedeghe on behalf of the National Chairman, Governor Mai Buni to take special interest and graciously so in what is happening in Cross River State. If we refuse to act fast, we shall surely lose the state to a more cohesive and more battle-ready PDP. This is in spite of our incumbency status advantage and in addition to having a very erudite and dynamic Governor in the person of Prof. Ben AYADE. I say so out of experience and not to flatter nor spite anybody.*

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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