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UPDATED! WHO IS DOING THIS TO THE PRESIDENT? It takes a lunatic to abuse the elected President of one’s country, and you will call that courage or hardworking by Obi OJAGE (PART 1)

THE fear of the Lord they say, is the beginning of wisdom. And only those with wisdom are known to fear the Lord. And the Lord doesn’t bother nor care a hoot about those who had derailed because they’re not even qualified to fear the Almighty for their lack of wisdom. A President like Kings are all enthroned by the Almighty, however one sees it, the process notwithstanding. Which is why they’re empowered with the authority even unto issuing clemency to the condemned however their crime. And we the led are regarded as subjects. Therefore only those who do not fear the Lord are able to withstand the sight and feel comfortable with anyone who is so crazy enough to abuse the one the Almighty have enthroned. The nation that condones such recalcitrance is bound to perish out of the lack of wisdom which is derived only by the fear of the Lord.

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*IT is never good to be identified with evil. For when it starts haunting you, you would have nowhere to hide. That’s the case with Femi Fani-Kayode otherwise known as FFK. The social media is awash with the strange news of his defection.


“Because he once vowed openly never to leave PDP nor ever to cross his legs to APC. If he ever does so, let him die”. Whatever services we render to others in this life, we do so to feel good and be appreciated by those who benefit from our benevolence or be compensated if it is something for which such is required as a reward for services rendered. It is normal. There is nothing wrong in that. We work hard for our various party in the case of politics in order to win elections so that we too will get elevated by that process or those individual persons whom we did support would in turn create opportunities for us to partake in whatever openings that exist and so on. All of these are normal expectations in life.

*WHY is it that in Fani-Koyode’s case or in his dealings with people whether in politics or out of it, it is usually ascribed to lack of “what to eat” or done with the intention to demand for what to eat.

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And those who accuse him often specifically mention “food” as his worries. How come? For a man who can easily afford what to eat judging from what he claims he is? Which is why he often comes out either in the television or during casual meetings looking very furious when asked questions that have to do with his state of incapacitation.

He often flares-up uncontrollably and even threatens a fight if not persuaded by those around to calm down. After which he switches tune immediately to dwell more on what the family is, his state of wealth and the position he once held as a Minister in charge of Aviation avoiding the real issues that prompted the question in the first place. Why?

*THE simple reason is because he is believed to be under a “Daemonic spell” which often forces him to dwell more in the negative than engaged in positive matters. His motives are all to undo others. That’s what makes him feel good. His conduct is not a virtue. It is rather a vice. And it is meant to make him look cheap whenever he is made to tune to that mode. He can’t help it. That’s what Daemons do. He is too flexible and highly undecided man who is ready to do anything at anytime not minding public perception or how it will turn out.

It is very unfortunate.

Christ warned us as His followers to desist from exerting thoughts that breed evil be it in whatever justification.

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*HOWEVER, we shall live to see what else FEMI FANI-KAYODE would be using in abusing the PDP now that he is struggling to totally leave them to join us in APC. Especially when he is now embroiled in cases of thievery running into billions of Naira allegedly stolen from government coffers with the EFCC?

For many, his name is synonymous to attack especially often suffering lashes of his tongue are those highly positioned in Government such as Presidents and Governors who dare cross his path.

And all what people know him for is his ability to courageously and senselessly with little or no known personal provocations, abuse the hell out of whoever is placed there as the President or his Vice without compunction. 

And he does that with reckless abandon, not caring at all who the hell is there.

*HE sees that as noble and prides himself doing that as a full time job. And often describes that as something which entails hard work. Hear him,

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“I have been working hard attacking this government over the past six years more than anybody else. And some “Monkeys” open their smelling mouth to talk nonsense”.

*TO legalize the job, he goes about paying some bloggers to popularize and extol these vices of his and applying all preemptive manoeuvering to see if the current Government of President Muhammadu Buhari would be scared enough to give him an appointment to carryout what he knows best to do namely, abusing those opposed to where he perches to feed.

Could be anywhere or anybody provided the position attained would afford him easy cash and the opportunity to move about in the company of large numbers of policeman as guards whom he uses to bully those who dare challenge his authority, legal or illegal.

And he is known for his irascibility. As a no-nonsene man. And that feels good for a man who claims to be learned and a high breed Christian so-called. Well, anything that has a beginning must certainly have or come to an end.

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*I ONCE described our great party the APC some time ago in one of my articles here as a party that houses strange bedfellows who’ve been forced to sleep together because of an extremely attractive Lady whose readiness to satisfy all who come her way in an obsequious manner, is unprecedentedly romantic.

In that article I equally talked of the party’s strength, allurement and what kept it going as a trojan horse. And now a moving train. I equated the most potent of its showcased attraction to the public to be the presence of its distinct leaders in their individuality. And outstandingly, I mentioned the exertion of the current President Buhari in whom, and around whom everything revolves now in APC.

*THIS is so regardless of the numerous controversies trailing his leadership style which are all a product of a highly calculated criticism by those in the opposition carried out often with no scintilla of truth to inspire an objective mind to see reason with them.

Whereas while one of the accusing fingers is made to point at the direction of the President, the other idled four fingers are seen pointing back at the accusers suggesting how much they’re also guilty of the very issue they’re accusing the President of.

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Their accusations are devoid of concrete evidences to substantiate their obnoxiousness. The current President remains its latent strength. If Buhari and a few others for any reason whatsoever, for instance; are taken away today, APC will fall like a pack of cards, truth be told.*

*AND this is not so with the PDP. Unlike the ruling party. PDP is where everyone is walking on a tight rope infested with filth embedded in guilt.

The members now have a melting point where they find safety. And that is the umbrella. Going out of the umbrella is risky and unsafe to do. It is where they’re attached to for safety reasons. And must forcefully converge under it to fight the stigma placed on them backed by history as a result of the alleged cases of corruption involving majority of them who are presently having a run with the EFCC and ICPC. Unity is what they’ll need to fight themselves to freedom.

*AND because Nigerians know the truth, they must constantly stay to put their heads together to debunk the lies in any way possible even if the country has to sink, is none of their business. The ruling party must not be seen to take the shine off from them. No matter what! Therefore those who are defecting in this case are seen as risk takers. Their fate is either in the hands of Papa Buhari or the gods.


*THIS was why those who had made it a routine or a daily habit like Fani-Kayode and Reno Omokri to be abusing the current President of a country as great as Nigeria in the eye of the world, alongside his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, are highly applauded by these men with money in quantum and fully ready to do what only money could do.

While the ruling APC under the leadership of President Buhari who is under such redder unfortunately are not seeing the treachery written everywhere. The opposition are known to be surreptitiously perfecting their stratagem as the day passes by. Some inside moles who are members of APC but working for PDP and are close to Mr. President are also playing their own ignoble roles by advising him instead to ignore these characters as mere hearsays or noise makers.

*THEY’RE impressing on Mr. President rather to see the actions of these attack dogs as one showing Symptoms of seduced madness than something to worry about. And therefore should be allowed to go about in their pretention of defending a course and inciting the populace who are now up in arms with the President while they stay beside and watch helplessly all because of the party’s lack of gregariousness and introspection on the part of the handlers of affairs concerning the President.*

*WHO, on this mother earth would agree to embrace or harbour an ardent recidivist (who says he is been directed to change oat of allegiance by the Holy spirit, lies) with a gun in his hands literally, drug in his pocket and pretends to be a parley just to guarantee his safety for accommodation and possibly a political appointment to position of authority as a compensation.


Who, for heavens sake would ever contemplate that? Such a person would either be a big fool or an imbecile in the eyes of the onlookers.

*WHICH is why somebody as injurious as Kayode who has done so much damage to General BUHARI’S image here and abroad over the period to be seen hand in hand with the President on photographs in his office before the entire country even when he has not yet been registered as a Card carrying member of the APC in his ward as stipulated by the party’s constitution, if ever he has a ward to be registered at all, would be dangerously scandalous and nondescript for a ruling party.

*WHAT a “Witchery” and who is doing this to us, especially those of us who stood and are still standing in defense of this humble General from Daura.

*It should be noted that President MOHAMMADU BUHARI is President of Nigeria and not of a tribe, narrow political interest or for those who are said to be close to him or those of his aides to internalize matters concerning this man. Its unacceptable.*

*WHY should President Buhari be treated this way? What lessons is there to learn for one of Kayode’s character who has been constantly abusing this man, his family and the government headed by him with the intention to incite the vulnerable before all Nigerians and the same person is now been taken in broad daylight to meet with; and stand in public glare with the one he had humiliated thoroughly, without his been made to tender a public apology remorselessly which would’ve been subjected to undergo acceptance first by members of the public mostly those of us who were equally hurt will be unconscionably insensitive.


Such would be akin to accepting that a lunatic should be let go without getting to the psychiatric, considering the imminent dangers of his lunatism showing up without prior notice.

*AND I got to hear of someone saying that by that act the president may have shown how forgiving he is over those who have hurt him and had expected him to retaliate. And that What he did is a display of “forgiveness” which most people had ignorantly accused him of not showing.

The question to ask is this, Forgiveness at whose expense and for what reason? Is the President a stooge to anyone to whom he is bound to prove his innocence? And if he has to do so must it be by condescending to embrace one who is notorious for his uncanny behavior and vulgarism?

*THE moment you’re a President or a King, whoever it is automatically becomes a public property guided by certain rules and norms. The person no longer belong to his or herself. Though the office and activities of the president or king are opened to public scrutiny, it is encouraged by fair criticisms that are objective coated with very good intentions. And such is done or be carried out in a descent form and manner acceptable by law, with due respect for the office. It is not a question of whether the person is brave, courageous or not, is a matter of order and veneration of the powers bestowed on the occupant of the office of the President.

Whatever is wrongly done to whoever is there as the President affects us who are his subjects. Because we have all surrendered our powers to him to assume the position of the most powerful. Therefore whoever hurts him is indirectly undermining us in our state of subjugation and adoration. And who should that be that shouldn’t be afraid of the one to whom we’ve surrendered all our powers to make him the most powerful to be respected by all who are under his authority?

*IT doesn’t take anything for one to get up in the morning and send out a Twit or a Post on social media by saying the President is an idiot. Any idiot and a compound fool can say that and damn the consequences.

But is it normal to do that?

That is the question. And who are those commonly associated with such behaviors? Obviously it is common to find such attitude amongst those who are regarded as insane because they no longer respond to common order. They do what they like or chose to do.

*THE likes of Fani-Kayode and one Sombrous miscreant by name Rene Omokri both of who are driven by demonic influences drunken by relics which is responsible for their being head-swollen due to the privilege they once enjoyed to be associated with two highly most sentimentally driven government Nigeria ever witnessed unfortunately, the tenure of which were characterized by “waste and profligacy” now takes advantage of these lapses to earn a living and in turn amuse Nigerians with their display of bad upbringing.*

*THE duo find pleasure where they easily take to abusing a man of the person of General Buhari, who should be highly respected as one at the highest position of leadership of their country and enthroned by the Lord.

It wouldn’t matter whether these men are in love with President’s face or not they’re bound to show him respect as the President. Its rather amazing to note that the two persons who are amongst those constantly abusing the president both claim to be preachers of the word of God. The question is, which God?

*BOTH men happened to have been aides to the two Presidents at the time. The most vociferous of the two was later promoted to the position of a Cabinet Minister where he is alleged to have embezzled huge amounts of money just like the former, which they’re currently using for globetrotting, deceipt, allurement and destruction of the lives of ignorant young ladies and to influence the news media to blow their inglorious activities to National acceptance.

*THIS is where Omokri and Fani-Kayode seem to be emboldened to now exhibit such unbridled beastly attitude where those with poisoned minds who are said to be in the opposition applaud or misinterpret their nonsenses to represent courage. Which affords them such popularity in the eyes of those who are seeing nothing good in the current leadership headed by Mr. President. Such nefarious elements now became their anchor men not minding the decadence it portrays especially where it impact on our youths or children the worse of immoral display from those they would’ve loved to emulate as role models.

*WHO is allowed to be doing this to a man so well loved and revered as President Mohammadu Buhari, in the whole of Africa?

*IN THE part (2) of these series I shall endeavor, the Lord willing, to explain in details how Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is doing everything humanly possible and using anything he finds including some of the Bloggers to make sure he joins us in APC as a card carrying member which he is not presently. I will talk on the three things and persons who are responsible for his decimal performance while in the PDP recently and his eagerness to join the ruling party at all cost.

*I WILL equally explain why President Buhari cannot afford to make the mistake Chief Obasanjo made through what those marketing Kayode are trying to infer. For one who is power hungry and does not display character nor decency in speaking or comportment in the face of provocation. And is one proned to deresponsibilizing and personalizing issues of public concerns to wear incitement in order to inspire those who are ready to insurrect which is often seen as absurdity by the preponderance of those who matter and feel concern for how Nigeria fares. This I shall do next week. Keep a date with me.

*APC needs a propagandist with previous experience as its National Publicity Secretary at this time to wave off the nuances of the likes of the FANI-KAYODE’S.

“End Time Message!”



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