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BIG NEWS! WE opened the door with spare key after Timothy Adegoke locked himself up with the key at the back – HOTEL MANAGER, ADEROGBA

Timothy Adegoke (Left) and Dr. Rahman Adedoyin
Timothy Adegoke (Left) and Dr. Rahman Adedoyin

It was a hectic day at the Osun State High Court (1), Osogbo, Osun State at the second day of resumed hearing of the alleged murder case of Timothy Oludare Adegoke, a Master Degree student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) who was allegedly murdered at the Hilton Hotel and Honours on November 6, 2021.

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The 3rd Defendant, Adeniyi Aderogba was the Manager of the hotel as at the time of the incident. He was thoroughly cross examined because he was one of the prime suspects who was charged with murder and conspiracy to felony.

He said he was 35 years old living at Osere, Ile-Ife in Osun State.

SOJ WORLDWIDE http://( reporters were in court to cover one of the most celebrated cases in Osun State in recent times. We decided to write verbatim reports of the cross examinations in order not to miss out any information.

Tell me your schedule of duty?

My schedule of work is to look into the way they clean the house and environment.

Cast your mimd back to 12th day of November what happen between you and the police that led you to this court?

The police came to the hotel to arrest me and my colleague on the 12th. They said I should explain about the death of Timothy Adegoke who lodged at our hotel. I explained that he logded in the hotel from 5th and 6th of November 2021.
On the 6th of November 2021 when I resumed work at 12noon on Saturday.

When I resumed work, the receptionist in duty, Madgalene told me we have two guests, but she told me that one out of the room which is 305 that she has not set her eyes on the person there and she begged me to go and check the room. I accepted, knock the door but nobody answered and I went back to the reception.

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In the evening, on the same day Madgalene went to check but nobody answered.

When she left the place she told me she did not hear from anybody in that room. I told her that maybe the guest has gone out. Because he paid for two days and he has the right to hold the key with him.

Throughout the 6th of November, we did not see the Guest and I did not have any contact with the guest.

When it was 12am In the midnight, the receptionist Madgalene closed the account for the day.

I close too for the day. On the 7th of November in the morning around 7am, Madgalene checked the room again. Around 8am, I left the hotel, I went for a meeting at our Family House at Enuwa Ile-Ife.

In the middle of the meeting, I received a call from Madgalene who is the receptionist on duty that she found the spare key to the room 305 and the person in the room is dead.

Immediately, I left the meeting, I went straight to Hilton Hotel. I went straight to the reception and ask her what happened and she told me she has found the spare key that I should follow her to see what she found. When we both got ro the place she handed the key to me and I opened the door.

When I entered the room, I perceived bad odour, I had to cover my nose to enter the room because it is a room and parlor.

When we entered, I met the deceased cover with a cloth, he lied down with face up, he covered his body from the chest down. I left the room and went to the sitting room.

At the sitting room, I saw his Laptop on the chair, his bag is on the table and two sachet of drugs. I saw half of bottled water.


I closed the door,
Magdalene was scared and shocked likewise me. We went back to the reception with fear. I cover my nose out of the room.

When I got back to the reception I was shivering
immediately, I called Chief Adedoyin about four times but called me after the fourth time.

When he called me, I explained myself to him that one of the guest who happended to be in room 305 is dead.

He said he is presently not in Ife that he is in Abuja with a Minister that he will call Prince Raheem to come and meet me and he will tell him to clean up the room after the police might have inspected the place.

Afterwards, I waited in the Reception for Prince Raheem Adedoyin, who met me at the Reception and I explained to him that the guest in room 305 is dead and he instructed us to go and check the room.

When he opened the door, he also covered his nose when he entered the room and he saw the deceased, and he was baffled and terrified because such has never happened in the hotel.

Prince Adedoyin said the Chairman who is the owner of the hotel instructed him to go and report at the Police Station. He left the Hotel and told me to wait for him. I called his number severally, he did not pick it.

He arrived late in the night and said he has gone to the Policemen and the Police delayed him at the Police Station in Ile-Ife that we should take him to the Moturary at OAU Teaching Hospital.

He instructed I and Oyetunde Kazim to follow him to the room and when we got to the room , we used the duvet to carry him inside Raheem ‘s Car. Raheem went back upstairs to pack the deceased bag inside the vehicle which is a White Hilux and he said I should enter the vechile with Oyetunde Kazim to drop the body of the deceased at OAU teaching Hospital.

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On our way to the hospital, we passed OAU Campus Gate, in which we are supposed to take OAU Teaching Hospital Road but he passed through Ede road.

I challenged him that that’s not where he is supposed to pass but he did not answer me, he just stopped at one path of the road.

Raheem then got down from the Vehicle, he opened the boot to dump the dead body beside the road. He took his bag and drooped it beside him.

Since how many years have you been working with him?

For 8 years now

Since the time you have been working with the organization, has anything of such happened?


It has been alleged that you conspired with other defendant to commit murder and you also attempt to commit felony. Did you conspire with anybody?

No, I did not conspire with anybody, he died inside the room by himself.

There is another allegation that you conspired to alter the reciept issued to Timothy?

I did not conspire to rewrite reciept with anybody.

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Second Cross-Examination

You obtained your HND in Electrical Electronics in 2016, Where did you do you National Youth Service?

I did part-time Programme to run my HND.

Apart from being the Manager, you are also a Technician, Which area of Technician are you in the hotel?

I repair the hotel light and I switch on the Generator

You were on duty on the 6th of November 2021?


It was Madgalene who informed you that Timothy logded in the hotel?


Adesola Adedeji collected money but did not records it?

I don’t know anything about it

Did you at any time use any part of the money paid by Timothy Adegoke to buy Fuel?

It was madgaleme who told Adesola to transfer 20,800 to buy diesel

In the account of the hotel from 5th to 6th day, was it recorded?


The account presented by the Auditor was the one prepared by Adesola Adedeji, is that true?


It was Madgalene who informed you about Timothy’s death?


On the morning of 7th, Madgalene called you to come back to the hotel?

Yes she did when she discovered that someone died inside the room

When you checked room 305, how did you confirm Timothy’s death?

When I entered the room, It was smelling and I lifted his hands but no response.

Did you call any Medical Doctor?

No. Because water ia already coming out of his body and he is smelling.

As a competent Manager, did you report to the Police?

I am not in the position to inform the police, but my boss told me he has already informed the Police

As soon as you confirmed the deceased death, did you call the First Defendant, Dr Rahman Adedoyin?

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Yes he said he will inform Prince Raheem to inform the Police.

At what time did he, Raheem return to the Hotel?

He came at midnight.

Did you see blood on the floor of the room?


What kind of key does the hotel have?

Manual key, the one we insert and turn.

That means the original key was inside the room when he was found dead?

Yes, he locked himself inside from the back.

How is it possible to insert another key to open the door, when another key has been inserted from the back?

(At this point, he was unable to defend himself)

The Defence Counsel objected the case of the defendant giving answer a photograph to identify, if the photograph is that of Hilton Hotel

In his earlier statement to the Police, he said he saw blood coming out from his nose but during cross examination, he denied seeing blood but that he saw fluid water.

You, Kazim and Raheem took the foam outside to burn?

No it was Raheem that brought it out to dry it because it was smelling.

But the statement he wrote earlier states that “we carry the mattress out from the room and burnt it”

The CCTV was disconnected after the death of the Deceased?

No. It was disconnected before the Deceased even lodged at the hotel but his statement in the exhibit read thus dated 26th Nov 2021. “The CCTV is working before, our MD disconnect it through one engineer and the CCTV television is in Manager’s room.

Did you report the Case to the Police?

No. Because I was scared of what the police will say.

The cross examination made us to know that Hilton Hotel was known as Hotel D Ganga before it was bought by Rahman Adedoyin and renovation was ongoing before the incident happened.

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